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Home and Away's Sarah Roberts shares devastating news about two miscarriages she suffered in the past year

The Australian actress has penned a touching letter to grieving mothers.

By Jess Pullar
Home and Away star Sarah Roberts has revealed heartbreaking news after suffering two miscarriages in the past year.
The 35-year-old actress, who is married to her co-star James Stewart shared the devastating news in a candid new interview, offering her own words of support for other women who have experienced, or are experiencing the same thing.
Speaking to Stellar magazine, Sarah spoke candidly about the heartbreaking miscarriages she encountered twice in the last 12 months.
"[This has] helped to share my story with my girlfriends, and if I can give hope to another woman who is going through the same thing, it makes everything worthwhile," she said in the interview.
Sarah also spoke of the stigma around miscarriages, saying that the word itself should be reconsidered.
"I think there should be a new word instead of 'miscarriage'. In some insidious way, it suggests the mother dropped something or decided not to carry," she explained.
"I've learnt over the past few years [that in] most cases, it has nothing to do with what the mother did or didn't do, so if we can take the blame off the table - and try not to blame yourself that's a great start."
Sarah has spoken candidly about her devastating experience in a new interview. (Instagram)
In the accompanying interview, the Home And Away favourite also penned a touching letter to other grieving going through loss.
"It's Mother's Day and here you are, a mother without her baby. Your motherhood might be going unrecognised by the world around you, especially while the country is in the grip of a global pandemic," she wrote.
Adding: "However, you know better – and so do I. While it may not have been for long enough, you held your baby in your womb, maybe even in your arms, or perhaps you got to stroke his head as you laid him to rest for the last time. And that, most certainly, makes you a mother. Then, now, and always."
The stunning actress married Stewart in a top-secret ceremony last year.
The pair wed at Luttrellstown Castle near Dublin surrounded by friends and family.
James' seven-year-old daughter Scout was there on the day, with the actor revealing to Now To Love that his daughter had "put makeup on, she put on a pretty dress. Some of the photos I've seen of her are pretty special."
Sarah and James tied the knot in July 2019. (Instagram)
The pair have made their love well and truly known to fans, also telling Now To Love that their wedding was a "dream come true."
"And we had all of our close friends and relatives around so I don't think I could've wished for anything more," Sarah said.
The stunning actress has a legion of loyal followers whom she keeps updated via Instagram. (Instagram)
Sarah has also grieved another tragic loss in the past year - her brother Karl De Abrew, who passed away last October after a battle with cancer.
"I miss your laugh, your voice, your quick witted quirky sense of humour & 'bro jokes', our never ending photo shoots in front of these silly poles..." Sarah recently penned on the six-month anniversary of his passing.
"I even miss you waking me up at 6am to go to the gym... 'move it or lose it soldier!' || 6 months of missing you today. Love you forever Big Squirt," she ended the post.
The actress tragically lost her brother Karl to cancer just over six months ago. (Getty (L), Instagram (R))
In a special moment, her brother made it to Sarah's wedding, walking her down the aisle before she made her vows to James.
"He walked me down the aisle & now he is walking with the angels," Sarah wrote shortly after his passing.
"I'm left with a hole in my heart & 34 years of beautiful memories... growing up together as children into adults."
Sending big love to Sarah after what has been a difficult year.