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We’re the world’s only psychic twins

We're the world's only psychic twins

Twins invariably have a close bond, but these siblings share something uniquely special.

It’s difficult to tell Terry and Linda Jamison apart with their long red hair and stunning smiles. It doesn’t help that they share their thoughts and even finish each other’s sentences. But they also have a connection that goes beyond the usual twin bond – they are both psychic.

The American sisters – who have been dubbed “Nostradamus in heels” – are the world’s only psychic twins. They have shared this eerie bond since they were born – and their amazing gift has meant they predicted such earth-shattering events as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and major earthquakes in India and Japan.

They also forecast the death of John F. Kennedy Jr in a plane crash, J.Lo’s split from husband Marc Anthony, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s divorce and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie adopting a baby.

They were just as accurate closer to home with their prophecy in Woman’s Day (July 24, 2006) of the date and location of Nicole Kidman’s wedding to Keith Urban, and Nicole’s pregnancy the following year. Terry and Linda, who have overcome a lifetime of baffling illnesses from migraines to cancer, are now known worldwide.

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