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TV anchors stunned by colleague’s live lottery win

TV anchors stunned by colleague's live lottery win

Canadian anchors call their sports reporter to tell him he has won the lottery.

Two TV presenters were stunned when a live lottery worth the equivalent of $2.3 million was drawn — and one of their colleagues took out the major prize.

Canadian anchors Sophie Lui and Squire Barnes were clearly shocked when the winner turned out to be their sports reporter Barry Deley.

They immediately got him on the phone and told him he had won a country estate worth $2.3 million in the BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery draw.

Deley, who was out buying groceries at the time, was clearly as shocked as his colleagues.

“You know people are going to think this is kind of fishy, right?” he said.

When asked if he was coming back to work he said, “Perhaps I’ll see you after Christmas.”

The chances of winning in the lottery were estimated at one in 288,000.

Watch the video of the on air win in the video player above.

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