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Real life: “Should I cheat to have a baby?”

Bradley knew that his younger wife wanted a child, but he didn't know the length that she'd go to.
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Bradley, 52 from Perth, shares his true life story:

My wife stared lingeringly at the baby shop window.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I want a baby,” she blurted.

I stopped in my tracks.

“We’ve spoken about this,” I said.

Her eyes filled with tears.

“I know, but I’ve changed my mind,” she replied sadly.

Angela and I had been married for five years and had known each other for four years before that.

We worked together at our local Aldi.

Ange was 32, 20 years my junior.

I had a grown-up daughter, Mary, with my previous wife.

When we got together, Ange and I agreed we didn’t want children.

“I’m too old for sleepless nights and nappy changing,” I joked now as we walked home, but I could see how sad Ange looked.

That night, I slept on it.

Maybe a baby wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

We loved each other. Sure, I was older but I was fit. If Hugh Heffner could do it, why couldn’t I?

Angela always wanted to be pregnant.

“Let’s give it a try,” I said to Ange.

She was delighted. We tried for about six months but nothing happened.

“I’ve been for fertility tests and I’m fine,” she announced one night after dinner. “I’d like you to get tested too.”

Reluctantly I went along to the clinic.

A few days later we were called in for the results.

“Your sperm count is low,” the doctor told me.

I was mortified.

“I have a daughter already,” I scoffed. “That can’t be right.”

But the doctors said I had been lucky the first time round.

The chances of us conceiving naturally were extremely slim.

The doctor told us we could think about IVF and gave us some documentation to take home.

Trouble was, we couldn’t afford it.

“I’m sorry, it’s not meant to be,” I said.

She was disappointed and for the next few days I found her constantly on her computer.

A week or so later I was watching TV when she walked in front of it and turned it off.

“We’re having a baby,” she said smiling.

“What? How?” I spluttered.

She told me she had found a sperm donor website where men donated their sperm for free to women who were battling to conceive.

Most men donated their sperm and the women were then able to get impregnated by artificial insemination.

But some agreed to have sex to get the women pregnant.

“That can’t be legal!” I gasped.

But it was, it just wasn’t regulated.

“It sounds dodge to me,” I said, frowning. I wasn’t going to have anyone else have sex with my wife.

“Don’t be like that,” Ange snapped.

“I’ve already found the donor I want and arranged to meet him.”

I was furious.

It was an awkward coffee date.

“But I don’t agree with this,” I raged. “These are just sick psychos wanting to have sex with vulnerable women.”

“No, they’re kind men wanting to help!” she yelled back.

We had a huge fight which ended with Ange saying she was going to meet with him anyway, with or without my approval.

She was so determined I decided I’d better go with her to make sure she was safe.

A week later, we went to meet the donor, Callan, at a café.

He was tall and well-built, in his mid-thirties.

Not only younger, but better looking than me.

We sat for a while making awkward conversation.

Then he looked down his nose at me and sneered, “Having a few problems down there, Mate?”

I nearly spat my flat white out in his face.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said crossly to Ange.

But her jaw was set.

“I’m staying,” she said. “I want a baby.”

I stormed off furious and humiliated.

Ten minutes later I felt bad and decided to go back.

But Ange and Callan were gone.

I tried her mobile but she didn’t answer.

I went home and a couple of hours later she arrived, beaming.

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