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I’m still Australia’s oldest virgin

Mark Cermac

Mark Cermac is still looking for love … but only Miss Perfect need apply.

He’s a hopeless romantic with old-fashioned values – traits some would argue have long been bordering on extinction. But what sets Mark Cermac even further apart is the fact that, at 42, he’s still a virgin.

“I believe I am still Australia’s oldest virgin,” says Mark, whom we first met in Woman’s Day four years ago. Back then, the Brisbane native declared to our readers that he was saving himself for “the right woman”.

Although a deluge of hopefuls came forward, Mark – who concedes he is extremely picky – didn’t feel tempted and is still holding out for “Miss Right”.

“Like any male, I too have my urges,” he says. “But I put my heart first, I prefer to be in love.”

Although a little embarrassed by his virgin status, Mark insists on staying true to his values.

“I don’t just want to hop into the cot with the nearest person … To find the perfect someone would be fantastic,” he says. “I’d love to shower her with gifts. I like that old-fashioned approach to romance. I’d be a rock for her.”

The last time we met Mark he told us he was in the process of reinventing himself. “That is ongoing,” he says. “I think I’ve developed a new confidence that was lacking in my thirties.

“Having qualified to do a Bachelor of Television at uni, and beginning a TAFE course in retail [this year], I feel I have a lot more to offer.”

To read the full story see this week’s Woman’s Day, on sale June 28, 2010.

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