Real Life

I did 6000 sit-ups a day

Cruelly teased about her weight, Holly Watters became anorexic and began a hellish exercise routine.

Caught in the grip of a deadly addiction to losing weight, the teenager would force herself to complete a staggering 6000 sit-ups a day.

“My stomach muscles burned and I would cry with exhaustion, but I wouldn’t stop until I had done every single one,” Holly says. “Being thin was too important.”

Soon after, weighing less than 45kg and with a dangerously low heartbeat, the teenager was rushed to the intensive-care unit of her local hospital. For the next few days, Holly hovered close to death.

That was in April of last year. Sixteen months and many counselling sessions later, Holly — now in her final year of high school — is finally on the long road to recovery…

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