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Family Christmas miracle: Our greatest gift of all!

Family Christmas miracle: Our greatest gift of all!

This Christmas, Marion Abalos and her two gorgeous children, Saul and Mischa, will have extra reason to celebrate.

The tears of love and gratitude that fall from Marion Abalos’s dark brown eyes say so much.

As she watches her young son and daughter play beneath their brand new Christmas tree, she knows she is looking at a miracle.

Saul, 6, and Mischa, 5, who both have autism, have been given a remarkable new lease of life, thanks to a brilliant program run by Mission Australia.

Watching them laugh and play together is something Marion never thought possible. Children with autism often have trouble relating to others or expressing themselves with words, so they tend to keep to themselves.

“That was Saul and Mischa until we found help with the Macarthur Early Childhood Intervention Service (MECIS),” Marion explains. “I wonder what I would have done, where the kids would be at, had I not found them.” Marion, an aged care worker, says the change in her children is astounding. To see them laughing and hear their lively chatter, it’s hard to imagine them any other way.

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