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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor Australia’s Osher Günsberg introduces us to his lovely stepdaughter

Osher tells The Australian Women's Weekly the incredibly sweet thing Georgia did for his wedding.
The Bachelor’s Osher Günsberg: Meet my lovely stepdaughter

Osher Günsberg remembers the day he was introduced to his future step-daughter, Georgia.

“When a woman you’re dating says, ‘You’re going to meet my child,’ they’re showing that they have an immense amount of trust,” he says. “So it was something I took very seriously.”

The Bachelor Australia host is speaking to The Australian Women’s Weekly as part of our Fathers’ Day special, on sale now.

Since he married Georgia’s mother, Audrey Griffin, in December last year, he’s been conscious that “there are a squillion ways you can get being a step dad wrong and fewer ways to get it right. I make mistakes but I’m doing the best I can, and I ask for advice everywhere I go.”

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Among the rewards of step-fatherhood are afternoon walks and runs in the park with Georgia and the family canine, Frankie. Another was Georgia’s wedding gift.

“She choreographed an incredible dance routine to ‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and the Machine, and she performed it as we came into the room. Then she choreographed the first dance and gave the most beautiful speech. She is a very clever human being.”

The Weekly photographed Osher and Georgia at Bronte Park, where they love mucking about with the family pooch Frankie.

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