The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg spills all the goss ahead of tonight’s premiere

“No one has ever arrived on the show quite like Elora has.”

By Elisa Parry
After five seasons of hosting The Bachelor Australia, host Osher Günsberg really thought he had seen it all. But it turns out we’re in for some very shocking surprises this season.
Tonight, Matty J’s journey to find ‘The One’ begins and viewers can expect fireworks! We caught up with Osher to find out who we should be keeping an eye out for this season.
It’s Bachie season again, how exciting!
I’m so excited. It’s the time of year where you order an extra cheese platter and get the friends over… it’s always a big night in.
How did Matty J go on the other side of it all this time? Did you give him any good advice before he started?
Oh I didn’t need to give him any good advice, he was most definitely aware of how it all ran. If anything, he approached it with more confidence and was able to be more himself when he was in the driver’s seat.
If you remember last year, he took a little while to show himself, he sort of hung back a bit until he saw how it was all going to play out. But now he starts off being just the most charming, handsome man. He’s great.
Are there any girls that everyone will be talking about after the first episode?
Oh my word, yes. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and some of the ladies make sure they’re not just another pretty girl holding a note.
Aquilina shows up in a very interesting way and Matty’s face is absolutely priceless.
As for Elora's arrival, people can’t quite deal. We’ve never done anything like it. No one has ever arrived on the show quite like Elora has.
Do you get to see the girls make their entrance during filming?
Oh absolutely. For us it’s like everyone is watching, that’s our night, that’s our first night to get to know everyone and you’ve got to make your pick. You’ve got to make your pick early!
Obviously you’d have to keep your cards close to the chest, but do you pick some frontrunners early on?
It’s very difficult for me to put aside my projection bias in that the idea of what I find interesting might not be what Matty finds interesting. In the past I’ve been able to put two and two together and go, ‘Oh this kind of person might like her’ or ‘She might like him’ and I’ve been pretty right, but with Matty, I was well over the mark.
In the US series there is an After The Rose ceremony, how do you think that would go down on the Australian version?
I have been pushing so hard for an After The Rose ceremony, talk show, and the Women Tell All special, but then you start getting into the business side of it all… Can you convince the network to put it on? It can get tricky. Maybe next year. Trust me, I’m trying.

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