Osher Günsberg makes his Offspring debut

What will his appearance mean for Nina’s love life?
Osher Günsberg Asher Keddie Offspring

The writers of Offspring have a field day with Nina Proudman’s (Asher Keddie) love life. This season, things between Nina and Harry (Alexander England) have been relatively stable – which can only mean disaster is lurking just around the corner…

In tonight’s episode, Harry’s ex-girlfriend Georgie (Emily Barclay) shows up, and Nina, trying to be a mature adult, invites her over to dinner. Needless to say, things don’t go smoothly.

But perhaps the most surprising addition to the dinner party is the appearance of Osher Günsberg.

While we’re still in the dark about just what Osher is up to on the show, The Bachelor host tells TV WEEK he was thrilled to be invited to appear on the series.

“Audrey, my wife, is a massive fan. When they asked, I couldn’t say no,” he tells TV WEEK.

“When you reach a stage in your career, where you are as recognisable as an individual person, and you, from a real universe, transcend that universe into a fictional universe and can be believably accepted in that fictional universe as yourself – that’s a big deal,” he says.

Funnily enough, it’s not the first time Osher has appeared as himself on an Australian drama.

“I did it once on Neighbours about 11 years ago and to do it again, it was so incredible,” he says.

“Asher Keddie is Australian acting royalty. I can’t act to save my life, but standing next to her, it was terrifying and fun,” Osher admits.

Osher hosting *The Bachelorette Australia**.

So can we expect to see more acting from Osher in the future?

“I’d love it!” he says. “The thing is, the only acting I’ve ever done is playing myself, or playing something I already do.

“I’ve played a radio DJ. I’ve acted as myself – twice now. So if someone else wants to cast me being me, I will gladly accept that role,” he says.

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