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Sian’s shock tell all: “Why I had to leave The Bachelor Australia!”

Humiliated and driven to tears, Sian says her chance in the Bachelor house was ruined by scheming producers.
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Things came crashing down for Sian Kelly on her final day in The Bachelor Australia mansion, but what viewers don’t know is the dirty tricks producers used to get her to unravel.

“I needed them to give me some time off camera and they refused,” recalls the 24-year-old Perth beauty, adding that things went from bad to worse when producers plied her with booze and “came at her” with a barrage of questions.

“I think they took it too far,” says Sian, who was reduced to tears after the incident.

On top of being verbally attacked by the producers, Sian – who says she lost four kilos in the house due to stress – reached breaking point when a stylist sabotaged the cocktail party outfit she’d been begging to wear for weeks, instead choosing to give the frock to Dutch beauty Florence.

“I wasn’t upset at Flo [Florence] but I was annoyed that the stylist had lied to me,” she remembers.

“It pretty much went downhill after that, then Nat accidentally spilt red wine on my outfit, my makeup got ruined from crying and my eyelashes were coming off.”

“My issues were mainly to do with production, I’m not an idiot and I realised what was happening,” Sian tells us.

But the ultimate betrayal came when Sian threatened to walk but was talked around by producers and Matty, who convinced her to stay in the show only to send her home without a rose hours later.

“My issues were mainly to do with production, I’m not an idiot and I realised what was happening and I didn’t want to be part of it anymore – it started to feel unnatural,” she tells, adding that at one stage or another all of the girls “wanted to leave” the house.

And with “girl gangs” forming behind the scenes and rumours of tough living conditions, it’s no wonder Sian was pushed close to the edge.

She says that contrary to the way she was edited, she was never friends with ‘villains’ Leah and Jen.

“I was annoyed that I’ve been associated as a villain when I’m not,” she says, revealing that she’s since fallen out with Jen, who she no longer speaks too.

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