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Knitters wanted for penguin pullovers

Penguins might survive in some of the coldest places in the world but the ones who call Phillip Island home are in dire need of a helping hand to stay warm.

The Penguin Foundation, a charity based on the small Victorian island, has issued a global callout to knitters, begging them to send in tiny jumpers for penguins in rehab.

The little garments might seem ridiculous, but they could save the lives of the hundreds of penguins caught in oil spills each year, keeping the little birds warm and preventing them from ingesting the toxic oil while trying to clean themselves.

A thumbnail-sized patch of oil is enough to kill a little penguin. The oil matts the birds’ feathers, destroying their waterproofing and ability to hold heat.

The foundation receives thousands of jumpers a year from all around the world. Some of the most creative have included a design with an octopus and seaweed crocheted onto it, and one with red speedos and a six pack on the front.

If you would like to use your knitting needles to help save injured penguins, you can get a knitting pattern here. For more information, visit The Penguin Foundation’s website.

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