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Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite sex party only costs a cool $75,000 to be a member

But if the promo video is anything to go by, it's definitely worth it.

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for plugging a lot of ~~completely unfounded~~ questionable products and advice on her website Goop, but will her latest venture make the cut?

Snctm (like Sanctum) is an exclusive sex party based in Los Angeles, and after spreading its wings to New York, they’re heading to the Hamptons next month.

WATCH: The promo video for the parties is the epitome of female empowerment and sexual liberation.

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The party apparently tickles the fancy of Gwyneth and her boyfriend, Glee co-founder Brad Falchuk, as well as Bill Maher, who you may remember from referring to himself as a house n-ger last month as a hilarious “joke”.

WATCH: No, really, he actually said it and context doesn’t help the situation.

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Snctm owner Damon Lawner says privacy is of the utmost importance and then goes on to reveal intimate details of his most famous clients’ sex lives.

“[Gwyneth is] not a crazy-kinky person, like people think,” Lawner said. “She’s a down-to-earth total sweetheart…They are exploratory with each other.”

The party ain’t cheap, with male members paying between $1500 and $1875 – the discount applying for those that bring a female counterpart.

If you’re after the VIP treatment, which doesn’t necessarily result in more sex but you do get a sterling silver pendant of a lion, you’ll need to pay $75,000. You’d think that price point would at least get you a gold lion, but hey.

Just a couple of gals taking charge.

If you’re a female however, entry is free!

You just have to submit full-length photos to see if you’re attractive enough and then, judging by the company’s promotional video, be treated as an equal and gain empowerment from acting as a table for his whiskey.


It’s tough to make the cut though, with the party’s guest list restricted to 99 guests out of the “more than 1000” that normally apply.

But is it worth it? According to the founder manifesto, which doesn’t appear to be in any way ironic, Lawner says Snctm has achieved the impossible.

Damon Lawner, as pictured at the top of his manifesto.

“At every Soirée year after year, I look around and can’t believe the majesty of our fledgling society.

“The members and guests in attendance, some of which prior I could have only dreamed of meeting, frolicking wide-eyed in the most opulent locations in the world,” he writes, clearly using the synonyms tab on Word.

“With an energy, that feeling, that simply cannot be expressed without being present.

“It’s an experience you have to immerse yourself in to understand.”

If you want to know more, Showtime is releasing an eight-part documentary on the sex parties, or just wait for a review on Goop.

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