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Gillard takes a tumble

Gillard takes a tumble

The Prime Minister fell flat when her shoe got stuck in grass on her tour of India.

She’s used to taking a slip in the polls, now Julia Gillard has fallen on her face after tripping on her heels on her way to a press conference in Delhi.

On the last day of her tour of India, the Prime Minister lost a shoe as her heel dug into the soft grass.

After saving herself by falling on her hands, with officals rushing to her aid, Ms Gillard laughed off the incident and gave a rather lengthy explanation of the perils of wearing high heels to the men surrounding her.

“For men who get to wear flat shoes all day every day, if you wear a heel it can get embedded in soft grass,” she explained.

“And then when you pull your foot out, the shoe doesn’t come, and then the rest of it is as you saw.”

The shoe mishap comes after a similar incident in August when she lost her standing, and a shoe, while trying to negotiate the stage at an event at Sydney’s Custom House.

One of the Prime Ministers shoes was also casualty to a slightly less laughable incident earlier this year while being whisked away from the Australia Day protests in Canberra.

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