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Gangnam Style: The K-Pop sensation you need to know about

Gangnam Style by Korean pop artist Psy is a global online sensation
So you just figured out who Justin Bieber is, and no doubt you're familiar with the phrase "Charlie bit my finger", but there's a new online sensation that you're going to have to wise up to.
K-Pop - it's a thing.
South Korean pop stay Psy — real name Park Jae-Sang — is responsible for the latest YouTube phenomenon with the clip for his single 'Gangnam style' sparking an explosion in the popularity of the Korean dance genre, K-Pop.
Notching up more than 334 million clicks and heading towards singles chart glory, the catchy single 'Gangnam style' with its horse-riding inspired dance moves is set to become the first Korean song to knock a US pop star out of the top spot on the US singles chart.
It's already pushed Guy Sebastian back to number two, topping Australia's ARIA chart and has seen the same success in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, and its homeland South Korea.
The video has surpassed chart-topping dance tune Call Me Maybe's 277 million views to become the most watched YouTube video of 2012.
So here you go. Watch the clip, try the dance moves, and we dare you to try and get it out of your head.

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