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Adelaide woman reveals her horrific injuries after being mauled by her neighbour’s dog

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The festive season is supposed to be a time where happiness, love and cheer thrive. However, for 45-year-old Ashley Bunn, her Boxing Day took a tumultuous turn when she was attacked by her neighbour’s dog, leaving her with more than 200 stitches to her face.

According to TEN Eyewitness News, Ms Bunn, who was in the western suburbs of Adelaide walking home from her sister’s place on December 26, says she was chased down and attacked by her neighbour’s Great Dane-Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.

And while Ms Bunn is lucky to be alive, her jugular was damaged and her chin was left only partially attached.

Picture: TEN Eyewitness News.

Ms Bunn told TEN that the dog was playing in a front yard, which wasn’t fenced, when it ran after her. Ms Bunn says she was only moments from home.

The dog then latched on to her chin, pulling it downwards – and the proof of the horrific damages are in Ms Bunn’s pictures…

Since the attack, Ms Bunn was had 200 stitches placed in her face to hold her chin together, as well as several skin grafts taken from her arm.

“I get out of hospital today [and] can finally start getting on with my life… Not that I’ll have much of one with a face like this,” Ms Bunn wrote early on Facebook earlier this week.

“I’ll never find love now…”

TEN also report that the dog’s owner now faces a $10,000 fine under strict South Australian laws covering dog attacks.

“I thought the dog attack was an act of revenge and payback but after talking to few people I now know it was a random thing that happens and nobody is at fault,” Ms Bunn says.

Our thoughts go out to Ms Bunn during this difficult time.

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