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Sam Armytage attacked in street

And she’s shared a picture from the attack.
Sam Armytage attacked in street

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has been attacked in the street by an “aggressive” Doberman.

The 38-year-old took to Instagram to share the news with her fans, posting a picture of a bandage on her forearm.

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“And that’s a wrap on an afternoon I’d rather forget.”

“One Doberman attack + one police station visit + one Tetanus shot (with added whooping cough booster) + antibiotics = a few very stressful hours (& I didn’t even get to finish my afternoon walk!),” she wrote.

“IF YOU HAVE AN AGGRESSIVE DOG, KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC (my shock is now turning to anger!),” she continued.

“This could have been so much worse. There was a toddler walking just near me when I was attacked. Thank god it was me, not him.”

“This could have been much worse.”

Some fans questioned her remarks that Doberman’s are an “aggressive breed” but she swiftly responded.

“Dobermans ARE an aggressive breed,” Samantha rebutted.

“The owner said this dog had ‘never done this before’… Well it did it today. And it could have been a child’s face.”

“So don’t you start with me today mate disputing the aggressive breeds. [Because] I’m not in the mood to be polite.”

Sam shared a picture with her bandaged arm on set this morning.

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