Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cakes rebooted!

Women from across Australia gathered in Canberra on the weekend to bake all 107 cakes from The Australian Women’s Weekly’s Children’s Birthday Cakes book.

From the classic Choo-choo Train and the ever-sweet Smiley Shark to Pamela Clark’s favourite, the Dolly Varden cake, The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake is as iconic as it is special – to young and old alike.

That’s why we were so excited when PANDSI, a local Canberran organisation that provides support for families experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety, challenged women in the state’s capital and beyond to bake all 107 recipes – with a modern twist – in a bid to raise money and awareness for its incredibly important cause.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 (plus two fan recreations) of our favourite bakes from the day, which not only impressed us, but The Australian Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen Director Pamela Clark, herself!

Photography and digital content creation: Megan Sparke (and one very enthusiastic reddit user)

With over 2000 views on reddit, this cake got the world talking about the AWW birthday cake cook book all over again. Who could forget how special it is having one of these on your big day?!

This number nine was another cake that got everyone excited about the AWW birthday cake cook book.

This Choo Choo Train is what kids’ birthday cakes are all about: super-cute and tasty to boot!

Sonya Curren’s popcorn-haired, chip-lipped rubber ducky is as delectably cute as the original.

Connor Dowell’s Smiley Shark cake took out the Most Closely Resembling Original Cake at the PANDSI Cake-Off.

This reimagined Dolly Varden cake, made by Debbie Wilson, is what pipe-cream dreams are made of.

All hail this super-sweet snail, made with love – and plenty of chocolate – by Shellie Grieve.

Being sold at the PANDSI live auction for $650 – the cake to raise the most money for PANDSI on the day – is a beautifully detailed recreation of the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe cake.

The Good Witch is a clear favourite within the Food To Love team.

This cool ‘n’ well-crafted racing track cake, baked to perfection by Jen McCormack, is the wheel chocolate deal.

Jacinta Ford’s sweet stove cake looks as masterfully detailed as it does delicious.

Tick tock, this Hickory Dickory Clock, made by professional bakery Shakespear’s Cakesphere, rocks!

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How to decorate the Dolly Varden Cake

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