The Canberra café bringing milkshakes back

See the "freakshow" menu behind milkshakes meteoric rise.

They’re slathered in chocolate, they’re topped with just about every sweet morsel that that the chefs can get their hands on, and they’re bringing milkshakes back.

Blame the health food trend, but Australia has been on a bit of an anti-dairy kick as of late. And we’re not ashamed to admit that we joined in, we swapped milk for soy, and then swapped soy for almond and now – after coming full circle – we’re back to milk.

In a big way.

And what is bigger than 500 mls of chocolate, carmel, milk, sugar, brownie, pretzel, nutella and whipped cream?

For just $9.50 in a Canberra café, Patissez, you can pick between a Muddy Pat (warm fudge, fudge brownie, chocolate fudge, whipped cream, toasted house marshmallow), a Nutty Pat (warm salted caramel, pecans, vanilla bean whipped cream), a French Vanilla (vanilla bean shake, caramelised puff pastry, vanilla bean whipped cream, vanilla bean crème patissiere) or a Nutella & Salty Pretzel (nutella shake, lashings of nutella, whipped cream, crushed salty pretzels).

Sound like too much? If it is (and it might be, even for us), try one of our simply milkshake recipes first.

From left to right, the Nutty Pat, the Muddy Pat, the French Vanilla and the Nutella & Salty Pretzel.

Strawberry milkshake, recipe on Food To Love.

Banana and chocolate milkshakes, recipe on Food To Love.

Boozy chocolate milkshakes, recipe on Food To Love

Mini milkshakes, recipe on Food To Love.

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