3 skin, style and soul tips to live by

The seasons might be about to change, but our approach to taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to.

After almost three months of hiding indoors, slowing down and keeping warm, a new season is about to poke its head around the corner.

While we’re more than ready to step into spring (hello, brighter days and an even brighter wardrobe), there’s something to be said for the lessons we’ve learned during the chilly months that have helped get us through.

The way we’ve adapted our routines for the year’s colder moments— whether it’s our approach to skincare, the way we dress or even our mindset to facing each day— is something we’re keeping in mind for the rest of 2022.

Here are three lessons we’ve learned this winter that we’re taking with us into the new season (and beyond).

For your skin: choose products that rebalance and renew

The drier and colder months can wreak havoc on our skin, so it’s a good time to make the switch to products formulated with ingredients that promote the skin’s moisture levels and soothe the skin as they work.

But, for those among us that want to achieve maximum hydration, or whose skin errs on the sensitive side, it’s an ethos that can apply to our skincare all year round.

Aveeno’s Skin Relief Lotion & Wash are formulated with a Prebiotic Triple Oat Complex, combining three parts of the oat, to promote and protect the skin’s moisture levels. The creamy and fragrance-free Aveeno Skin Relief Wash gently cleanses while leaving itchy, dry or sensitive skin soothed and moisturised, while the Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion immediately works to nourish and restore essential moisture to skin.

In fact, a recent beautyheaven Trial Team* gave both the products a 4.5 star rating out of 5, with 98 per cent saying the Skin Relief Wash left their skin feeling soft after use, and 96 per cent of those with itchy skin saying the Skin Relief Lotion left their skin feeling soothed.

Aveeno’s Skin Relief Wash and Lotion were recently rated 4.5/5 stars by a beautyheaven Trial Team.

“My skin was left feeling super moisturised… and my sensitive skin was soothed and non-irritated using the range,” one reviewer said, with another adding the duo would become their “bathroom staple”.

While many agree the products are the perfect winter skincare companion, the results have inspired them to take a nourishing and hydrating approach to their skincare all year round.

For your style: comfort is key

In winter, our wardrobes often switch from trend-based pieces to those that make us feel comfortable and relaxed.

While warmer weather means ditching the layers and stepping away from jackets that feel like being wrapped in a big, warm hug, the principle of dressing for comfort can apply all year round.

Take the principle of winter dressing into the rest of the year by choosing fabrics and items that keep you comfortable and cool.

Think lightweight and breathable fabrics designed to keep you cool, like organic cotton or linen, and loose and flowing items like maxi dresses or pants that dial the comfort-factor up to maximum.

And, of course, the number one rule when it comes to dressing for comfort, no matter the season?

Wear what makes you happy. As long as you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters.

For your soul: take a time out

In winter, our social calendars often get a well-deserved time out, with the cooler temperatures keeping us indoors and, most often, with more time to ourselves.

If your self-care routine got a little boost during the colder months, don’t forget to keep scheduling in a little ‘me-time’ for the rest of the year, too. After all, it’s hard to care for others without caring for ourselves, first.

Replace nights curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea with a lunchtime walk in the sunshine, or schedule in a mini-spa day every second Sunday with an at-home facial and relaxing bath.

As an extra bonus, apply Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion afterwards for an instant hit of soothing and hydrating protection.

Brought to you by Aveeno.

** Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.*

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