Stars aligned! This is the royal that shares your zodiac sign

Capricorns, you're a lucky bunch.
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If you’re anything like us, you love looking up your own zodiac sign and celebrating those awesome character traits and blaming all the bad ones on the stars.

And if you’re like us, you’re probably obsessed with the royals and what they’re like behind the glitzy galas and balcony appearances. So which one matches your star sign? Let’s take a closer look.

Aries: Princess Eugenie

If you’re born between March 21 and April 19 then you, like Princess Eugenie, are an Aries.

Like the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the traits you exhibit include bravery, confidence and optimism. Your enthusiasm and honesty are some of your best qualities, and if you take a look at Eugenie’s Instagram, her witty captions and sweet throwbacks are testament to that!

On the downside, Aries people are also meant to be impatient, moody and short-tempered but we haven’t seen that side of the princess.

Aries people, you and Princess Eugenie could have a few things in common.

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Taurus: Queen Elizabeth

All hail the Taureans! You and Her Majesty have something in common.

People born between April 20 and May 20 are said to be patient, practical and devoted so no wonder the Queen is the sign of the bull. After all she’s been a working Monarch for almost 70 years and even in her nineties shows no signs of slowing down.

Her great-grandchildren Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Archie Harrison are all also Taureans so hopefully they take after her. That said, this sign is supposedly stubborn and uncompromising so we wouldn’t want to cross them!

Patient, practical and devoted- that’s our Queenie!

(Image: Getty Images)

Gemini: Prince William

Symbolised by the twins, Geminis (who are born between May 21 and June 20) are charming, warm and great to engage in a chat with. So it seems suitable that Prince William falls under this zodiac sign.

The third in line to the throne has been described as charismatic and confident, traits he may have inherited from his grandfather Prince Philip who is reportedly the most popular royal family member with the palace staff.

However their inconsistency and fickleness make Geminis a bit of an unreliable sign, let’s hope the princes don’t exhibit those traits.

Prince Philip and Prince William are both Geminis.

(Image: Instagram @kensingtonroyal)

Cancer: Duchess Camilla

For anyone whose birthday falls between June 21 and July 22, you and Duchess Camilla have a certain something in common.

Cancers (the crab sign) are characterised as kind and sympathetic individuals with great imaginations. They’re also homebodies and the Duchess of Cornwall has even admitted herself, “I’d be out in my garden all day, every day if I were allowed.” However, people born under this sign are also said to be moody and pessimistic.

The late Princess Diana was also a Cancerian so despite their differences, their astrological personalities are quite similar.

WATCH: Princess Diana’s 1989 confrontation with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Post continues after video…

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Leo: Duchess Meghan

As kings and queens of the zodiac sign, Leos born between July 23 and August 22 so it’s appropriate that former actress Duchess Meghan is a lioness.

Despite being known for their arrogance and indulgent tastes, Leos are warmhearted and generous leaders and fellow royals Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice also fall under this sign of the zodiac. And these are three pretty powerful and awesome women in our books!

Queen of the Zodiac: Duchess Meghan is a natural Leo!

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Virgo: Prince Harry

If you’re a loyal and hardworking perfectionist and you were born between August 23 and September 22, you could be the ultimate Virgo.

Prince Harry who is utterly devoted to his various charities and new family is one such member of this zodiac group as are Spanish royal Queen Letizia and his sister-in-law’s sister, Pippa Middleton. Alright so she’s not technically a royal but we’re still counting her!

Despite their hard-working attitudes though, Virgos are known to be overly-critical and lean towards the fussy side. We certainly haven’t seen that side of Harry!

Loyal and hardowrking: Prince Harry certainly ticks those Virgo boxes.

(Image: Getty Images)

Libra: Sarah Ferguson

She may not be an official member of the royal family any more, but Sarah Ferguson is a proud Libra.

People born between September 23 and October 22 are meant to be diplomatic, social and love to keep things harmonious and balanced so it’s no wonder social butterflies Fergie as well as Mike Tindall fall under the sign of the scales.

However Librans are also meant to be indecisive and are likely to hold a grudge so we wouldn’t want to get on their bad sides.

Are you a Libra? You and Fergs could be kindred spirits!

(Image: Getty Images)

Scorpio: Prince Charles

Distrusting, dishonest and secretive, Scorpios tend to get a bad rap in the zodiac but this could not be further from the truth with these royal scorpions.

The heir to the throne isn’t the only royal born between October 23 and November 21, so are Peter Phillips and Lady Louise Windsor and they exhibit all the sign’s great qualities including resourcefulness, bravery and passion.

WATCH: Prince Charles the weatherman. Post continues after video…

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Sagittarius: James Viscount Severn

Ok so we struggled a bit with this one, but there is one royal born between November 22 and December 21 and he’s not exactly a main one.

James Viscount Severn is the youngest of the Queen and Prince Philip’s grandchildren and is a Sagittarius and while we don’t see him out much, according to his star sign the young royal is generous, idealistic and has great sense of humour.

But if his zodiac sign is anything to go by, he’s also impatient and promises more than he can deliver. Well, seeing as he’s only 11 years old we’ll see what he’s like when he’s a bit more grown up.

James pictured with his parents Prince Edward and Countess Sophie of Wessex and big sister Lady Louise.

(Image: Getty Images)

Capricorn: Duchess Catherine

Congratulations Capricorns, we reckon you’ve got the best one!

The Duchess of Cambridge certainly represents this sign’s positive traits like responsibility, discipline and love of family and tradition. Capricorns are also said to make great managers and with each passing year, Duchess Catherine is proving she’ll make a great queen.

Cheeky Savannah Phillips is also a Capricorn and she certainly showed her managerial side when she told Prince George who was boss at Trooping the Colour 2018!

Unfortunately, people born between December 22 and January 19 are meant to be unforgiving know-it-alls. We refuse to believe Kate the Great could be that!

Duchess Catherine seems pretty happy she’s a Capricorn!

(Image: Getty Images)

Aquarius: Crown Princess Mary

Aquariuns celebrate their birthday between January 20 – February 18 and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is one such person.

People who identify with the Aquarius star sign are said to be progressive and original and are also great humanitarians. The Danish royal along with fellow royal Aquarian Countess Sophie of Wessex are both known for their innovative ideas and passion for helping various charitable causes.

They’re also known to be a bit stubborn and even aloof at times, but some may see that as a positive!

Crown Princess Mary has shown her humanitarian side on numerous occasions.

(Image: Getty Images)

Pisces: Prince Andrew

Compassionate, gentle and wise: Pisces people like the Queen’s two youngest sons Prince Andrew and Prince Edward are born between February 19 and March 20.

Pisceans are also known for their love of music. Prince Edward is the royal patron for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and Chetham’s School of Music while Prince Andrew once stated he’s a fan of and even hinted that he would have a jam session with him!

But the fish sign is also known to play the victim when times get tough and get rather down in the dumps. Poor Pisces!

WATCH: Prince Andrew talks about Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding.

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