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What is Baby Sussex's star sign and what does it mean?

If the stars are anything to go by, Harry and Meghan could have their hands full!

By Alex Lilly
In just a matter of hours, the world will get their first glimpse at Baby Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's first child and it's safe to say we here at Now To Love HQ are a tad excited.
Not only will we get to gaze in wonder at the new family-of-three but we may even learn the little boy's name. And while we know only a few details about the newest addition to the royal family including his weight and the time he was born, there's one other bit of info we know: his star sign.
Seeing as he was born on May 6th, between 20 April and 20 May, Baby Sussex can officially be classed as a Taurus.
He joins fellow royal Taureans including his cousins Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis as well as his great-grandmother, the Queen. But what does it mean to be born under the sign of the bull?
With some helpful information from Princess Diana's very own astrologer Penny Thornton, here's what this little royal's personality could be like if the stars are anything to go by.
Princess Diana consulted astrologer Penny Thornton for six years. (Image: Getty Images)
According to Penny, those born under the sign of Taurus are loyal, responsible and find comfort in routine and the predictable.
"Taureans are very stable, steadfast and predictable, they like things that are real and lasting," she told Vogue back in April.
Because of this reason, it's believed that Taurus people make excellent loyal friends and once you're in their inner circle, they will always have your back.
Penny also told Vogue, "If a little Taurus emerges, that heavenly smile will hide a steel backbone."
Steel backbone indeed! Due to their love of routine, Taureans can be classed as stubborn and possessive so Harry and Meghan may have their hands full when it comes to parenting their little tot.
Uh oh, could Baby Sussex end up being a stubborn little tyke? (Image: Getty Images)
Astrologist Sharon Knight previously told Now To Love that Taurean children love things that are nice to hold, so those soft, tactile textures such as velvet will make them happy.
"Give your warm and loving Taurean child lots of cuddles as he/she needs plenty of touch. Their nature is placid, unless you rush them. They'll find life a lot easier if you give simple commands and deal with him/her clearly."
Even though his parents requested charity donations to their chosen organisations in lieu of baby gifts, we have no doubt Baby Sussex will be spoiled with all sorts of lavish presents!
Harry and Meghan's little boy will no doubt have plenty of toys to play with. (Image: Getty Images)

What are Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's star signs?

Like his son, Prince Harry is an Earth sign but is classed as a Virgo seeing as his birthday is September 15. Virgos are similarly loyal and practical so Prince Harry and his son will no doubt share some similarities.
As for Duchess Meghan whose birthday is August 4, she is the lioness queen of the zodiac as a Leo and people born under this star sign are not only born leaders but very warm and loving people.
"You don't need to be an astrologer to know which parent is going to run the baby show," Penny added in her Vogue interview.
"Meghan will be on it from the moment the baby makes its appearance. And Harry will be the completely doting father, giving way to Meghan on all points. Meghan is a Leo, and Leos rule! Harry is a Virgo, and Virgos love to serve."
WATCH: Duchess Meghan feels her baby kick. Post continues...
We'll have to wait a few years before we see Harry and Meghan's son come into his own and reveal his true personality, but for now it's clear the new parents are smitten.
"It's been the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined," a delighted Prince Harry told the press on Monday shortly after Meghan's birth.
"We're both absolutely thrilled and so grateful for all the love and support from everybody out there, it's been amazing so we just wanted to share this with everybody."
"Every father and parent will say your baby is absolutely amazing but this little thing is absolutely to die for. I'm over the moon."

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