EXCLUSIVE: Patti Newton admits she’d be lost without husband Bert as she reveals the secret to their happy 46-year marriage

‘’If anything happens to either of us…’’
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There are few celebrity pairings who have stood the test of time or become more iconic than legendary golden couple, Bert and Patti Newton.

Wed for almost 46 years, Bert, 82, and Patti, 75, have stuck by one another’s side since they first fell in love.

The couple first met as child radio stars before going on to work together at Channel Seven.

The pair stayed in contact throughout their teens and twenties with Patti even inviting Bert to her 21st birthday party before moving to the UK to further her career. It was then that Bert knew that Patti was The One.

“I was working on the QE11 in 1974 43 years ago. Bert surprised me and got on board and asked me to marry him. A wonderful Australia Day and the best thing I ever did xx,” she penned on Instagram in 2017.

Patti shared this gorgeous snap from their wedding day.


After four-and-a-half decades, two children and six grandchildren Patti tells Now To Love she would be lost without Bert.

“We lived and worked everything that was happening on television, we’ve spent a lot of time together. If anything happens to either of us, whichever one it is will find it very difficult because we’ve been in one another’s pockets for well over 50 years,” Patti says.

The couple’s children and grandchildren light up their lives.


Having made their relationship stand the test of time under the intense glare of the spotlight, many may wonder what their secret to a happy marriage is.

“I think you have to have a good sense of humour, that’s something I do have, I’m always ribbing him about something. I know that he doesn’t do the dishwasher very well, but the reason I know that is because if he did do it well, I’d ask him to do it more,” Patti laughs.

After so many years together, Patti has cracked onto Bert’s tricks.


Aside from a cheeky sense of humour, the 75-year-old admits time apart is just as important as closeness.

“You have to give one another a bit of space, we both have different interests,” she explains.

“Because we give one another space, and we’re both very loyal to one another, it worked out very well.”

“I look after him and he looks after me, that’s what it is really all about.”

The iconic Aussie couple will ring in their 46-year wedding anniversary on November 9.

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