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EXCLUSIVE: “She makes me look really ordinary”: Patti Newton gushes over daughter Lauren and new grandson Alby

''I was never as good as her.''

By Maddison Hockey
After months in lockdown and having lived through the second wave of restrictions in Melbourne, TV legend Patti Newton is quick to admit she is one of the lucky few who have been able to continue seeing her family.
Cherishing time with her six grandchildren, the All New Monty star was afforded the right, however, for an important reason.
Her daughter Lauren recently welcomed her sixth child, Alby, after a troublesome pregnancy and premature birth.
"She had a very difficult pregnancy and she went into hospital, and was there for three months," Patti tells Now To Love in an exclusive interview.
Baby Alby, pictured with proud parents Lauren Newton and Matt Welsh, arrived seven weeks early. (Instagram)
The difficult ordeal meant Patti and Bert were granted special provisions to help care for Lauren and husband Matt Welsh's five other children.
"To make everything easier, Bert and I got permission from the doctors to look after the little ones. [Matt] was doing lots of things; it was just too difficult [alone]."
But being the exception to the rule, despite very just reason, came with some criticism from fans.
"A lot of people got a little cross. They think you can see your grandchildren and they can't but usually there's a reason."
Patti and Bert known how to keep the kids busy. (Instagram)
The 75-year-old doesn't let the negative comments get to her however, admitting it hardly compares to some of the trolling she sees fellow stars receive online.
After all, she's too busy helping care for her gorgeous grandkids, who she absolutely adores. And, you can bet she's mastered the art of keeping them entertained.
"I have a table with LEGO DUPLO on it, the four-year-old is obsessed, he just walks in, doesn't say hello or anything, he just walks to the table and starts playing."

Patti just celebrated her first Grandparent's Day with grandson Alby, who was born seven weeks early, and she's beaming with love.
"He's doing really well, they take it from the actual birth date he was due to be born, and that makes him two weeks old. Even though he's been here for eight weeks, they don't expect a lot from him, only what a two week old baby would be doing."
"He's very strong, and very alert, and he looks very much like his brother, who looks very much like Bert. That big round head and great big smile must be very strong in the genes."
Bert's "strong genes" have carried through to his adorable grandkids. (Instagram)
Mum Lauren is doing well too, with Patti singing her praises.
"She just loves being a mum so much that it's not a chore for her. She makes me look like a really ordinary mother; I was never as good as her."
You can find the full LEGO DUPLO range here.