Gift your loved one an experience this Christmas!

What could be better than a hot air balloon ride?

Christmas is looming! It’s time to get the most perfect present for you loved one and what could be better than a hot air balloon ride.

The Hunter Valley, aka Wine Country features open land, vineyards, mountains, valleys and incredible restaurants. But more importantly, it offers a hot air balloon ride with RedBalloon.

Of course, it would be easier to buy your loved one chocolates or clothes, but after two years of coronavirus induced lockdowns why not book an experience that they will remember forever.

Plus, you’ll even earn some bragging points.

With RedBalloon, you can book a Hot Air Balloon ride with an included delicious breakfast (we recommend the bacon and eggs meal). Also, complimentary sparkling wine that even wine-haters will love.

If we haven’t peaked your interested already, continue reading to find out what your day will look like:


Be prepared for an early wakeup call. Participants will need to arrive at Peterson’s House at roughly 4:15 – however this time may vary depending on the pilot’s instructions.

Upon arrival, participants must choose a breakfast option and will be divided into groups. Then, the lovely tour guides will drive you to the location where the hot air balloon will take off.

Get your cameras ready, because these balloons are monstrous!


This is where the magic happens! If you are used to the hustle and bustle of life, you will appreciate the quiet and stillness once the hot air balloon is finally in the air.

Experiencing the sunrise from roughly 1,000 feet in the air is a completely surreal experience as mist begins to leave the bodies of water and nature begins to wake up.

Although the air is fresh, the heat emitting – which keeps the balloon afloat – is enough to keep you from freezing. If anything, your forehead will feel particularly warm!


It’s most likely the hot air balloon will land in an open paddock, so don’t wear white shoes unless your prepared to clean them!

Once landed, the crew will drive the group back to Peterson’s House where your breakfast is waiting. Along with tea, coffee and sparkling wine (if you choose, but we definitely recommend tasting the finely crafted wine).

All with an incredible view of the vineyard!

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