Everyday heroes

This is a photo of my niece Sophie who has MPS VI, and her Mum. No matter how much she goes through her smile is always the light of our lives! She is so brave, she is our hero.

She needs treatment that costs roughly $100,000 per year for every 5kg she weighs. Without this treatment Sophie will die. So far we have raised $25,000 but cannot start the treatment till we have enough for the full year. This treatment is not government approved therefore it is up to us to fight for Sophies life.

You can help Sophie’s fight for life. To make a donation see go to

— Auntie Carla

My husband is my hero. Not only has he taken me on as his much-loved wife, he has also taken on the role of father figure to my four kids, and he has three of his own.

You see l am disabled and in pain 24/7 but with his care it has put the sunshine back into my life. Our six years together have not been easy but no matter how dark the days seem, he has always put the sunshine in it for me.

— Gwen

This is my mum and my two nephews. Mum is always there to help anyone and has helped endlessly with helping us raise our children. She was especially helpful when my husband had a heart attack at 28, and mum was there every step of the way. Love ya mum.

— Kirsty

My Aunty Fi has always been there for me, she’s always there for anyone in the family. Everybody goes to her if they have a problem because she somehow makes the problem go away! Whether it be some assistance, a question answered, money needed, ANYTHING, she is always there and will help in any way she can!

All of her nieces and nephews, including me of course, just want her to know we love her, we love how special she makes us all feel and she’s like a second mum to us all. She ‘s Our Hero, Our Inspiration, Our Angel. We feel very lucky that Aunty Fi is ours! None of us could live without her. She is totally selfless and gentle too. We just want her to know she means the world to us and many, many others too! What an incredible lady she is.

— The Williams nieces and nephews

This is my hero, my beautiful li’l girl, Ela, who had open heart surgery at the age of four months. What a li’l champion!

— Racheal

My hero is my mum Leigh. She helps with everything and she cares about everyone and she works so hard to get money. I just want to say she is the mum anyone could have. In this photo she is on the left.

— Jasmine

My Husband Jarrod is my hero. When I was in premature labour my husband kept his cool and helped the doctor and midwife. Unfortunately he was not allowed in until after our daughter was born by emergency cesarian, so both he and I missed the precious moment our daughter came into the world.

He cooked, cleaned and did a wonderful job coming and going to the hospital whilst our baby girl was in intensive care. When I arrived home from hospital the house was clean and tidy. He has done a perfect job taking care of our four-year-old son and has formed a much stronger bond with him. It is our four year wedding anniversary next week and I intend to spoil him with a beautiful dinner.

— Katrina

On May 29 of this year my sister and I lost our beloved mum to lung cancer. Four weeks later my sister lost her best friend tragically who was in 16 days time due to have her second child. She has left behind her beautiful two-year-old little boy whom my sister and her husband are now guardians of.

Not only have we had to endure the loss of our mum but now Jenny and her husband have taken on the role of raising Riley.

As a sister I am extremely proud of her and know that our mum and Sharon will be watching over her and be as proud as punch knowing that Riley has gone to a loving, secure and hard working family.

— Lisa

My mum has battled breast cancer for 12 years. She is so strong, positive and inspirational to go through what she has and still smile and be there for her children and grandchildren. My mum believes a positive outlook and the love and support of her family have given her bonus years to enjoy. You are our world mum, we love you dearly.

— Wendy

I thought I would write in with a photo and show off my little granddaughter Scarlett, my little hero. She has Spina Bifida and right from the time she was born all through operations she has always been so happy and contented. Here in the photo she has just got her shoes and leg splints from hospital. She is eighteen months old and so happy with them, now she is on to walking bars. She is a very courageous girl and not even two yet. The way she is going, with her happiness and courage to conquer her disability, she will go a long way.

— Love from Nanny Betty

I want to thank my wonderful husband of almost 35 years for all the support and help he has given me. I suffer from chronic clinical depression and am 75% wheelchair-bound because of osteo arthritis in both knees. He looks after me with no complaints and is always there for me no matter what. I love him dearly and want him to know that along with all of Australia. I am so proud to have hime as my husband and don’t know what I would do without him. Thank you Rod, I love you, your wife… Chris

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