Is it Actually *Ok* For Dogs to Eat Grass? An Expert Weighs In

If you have a furry baby of your own, this one’s for you.
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For any dog-owners out there, you are probably no stranger to the question, ‘Why does my dog keep eating grass?’

Well, we’re glad you asked!

There’s nothing more puzzling to a dog parent than when you look out the window and see your loved little one chowing down on none other than grass. It’s fairly common but rarely talked about.

Can dogs eat grass?

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Is it normal for dogs to eat grass?

While health concerns may arise, never fear as Robert Belobrajdic, dog care book author and founder of dog food company Stay Loyal, assures owners it is, in fact, normal.

“Grass is actually quite beneficial for dogs and this is why they may eat some or lots, along with a wide range of other plants.”

“Dogs need fibre in their diet and grass is a good source of roughage for them. It helps them to digest food and pass their stools.”

“So, in this instance, grass is really just helping along their natural bodily functions. If they are eating a lot of grass, they may need the extra fibre.”

With this in mind, due to its fibrous benefits, grass-eating can be beneficial for dogs.

Dog owner’s needn’t worry no more.

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Why do dogs eat grass when they are sick?

Another common off-shoot from this canine activity, however, may be vomiting. Belobrajdic assures that this phenomenon is normal (in most circumstances).

“Your dog might sometimes have a bit of a tummy upset and eat some grass to help with digestion, if a bit of stomach acid is making them feel a bit uncomfortable.”

” However, the blades of grass can cause their throat and tummy to feel a bit ticklish, which is when the dog might throw up! Your dog is also likely to vomit if they have downed too much grass too quickly, as opposed to chewing it properly and swallowing.”

Healthy dogs are happy dogs.

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When should I be concerned about my dog eating grass?

In saying this, not all cases of grass-eating can be written off as ‘normal’ for dogs. You should seek veterinary advice if your dog is vomiting frequently as this may indicate other underlying issues.

All in all, like any responsible pet owner, make sure to monitor your dog for signs of unease. If behaviour seems out of the ordinary, make sure to seek additional support from a vet.

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