Dr Chris Brown is on a mission to make Australia more pet-friendly

The 'Bondi Vet' needs your help.
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Dr Chris Brown is easily one of Australia’s sweetest television personalities. While he’s gone on to host Dream Home and Dancing With The Stars, it’s clear the Bondi Vet’s heart still lies with his furry friends. 

In his latest appeal, Dr Chris is urging Australians to take his Drooly Important Pet Census to keep Australia pet-friendly and drive positive change. 

Dr chris in a white sweater with a dog
Dr Chris launched the Drooly Important Pet Census in 2016. (Image: Supplied)

He says: “They’re family! But somehow, we still don’t count pets in our Australian (human) population census.

“So, I’m changing all of that. Yes, it’s time for the 2024 Drooly Important Pet Census. Because their voice matters!

“It’s a chance to get a read on the all important health, happiness…and quirky habits of all the furry, feathered and scaly little characters that call Australia home.

“And it’s all about making Australia more pet friendly. And so, I’ll present the results of the census to all levels of government to ensure our best friends have a voice.”

The census is looking for insights into everything from how much our pets exercise to what we feed them and how often they see their vet. It even wants to know if you kiss your pet on the lips. 

Unlike other pet-related questionnaires, Dr Chris’ are run at the state level in Australia. And they’re open to pet owners around the country.


Dr Chris in an orange shirt holding a dog that's licking its lips
No matter what show Dr Chris is on, the animals find him! (Image: Instagram)

The census began in 2016 after Dr Chris noticed that not a single question was asked about the nation’s pets during that year’s National (human) Population Census. It inspired Australia’s most eligible bachelor to take to social media and launch his own. 

Since then, more than 130,000 Australian pet owners have taken part in his survey. However, more involvement means greater possibility for change. 

Dr Chris is hoping the results from the survey will not only assist pet parents in best understanding how to care for their fur babies, but it will help make pet care more affordable. 

As it stands, he is calling for Medicare to be made available for pets in a bid to make the average cost cheaper for owners getting their pet’s health looked after. Dr Chris says it will allow them to ration their money in the best way possible. 

Whether you own a cat, dog, bird, mouse, snake or whatever else, pet owners like you are encouraged to take Dr Chris’ Drooly Important Pet Census online. The fun and informative survey only takes around five minutes to complete. And you can submit your answers from today by clicking here.

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