Dream Home’s Dr Chris hits a low point, struggling with his personal life and viewer backlash

He's at a crossroads.
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Dr Chris Brown joked on Kyle and Jackie O’s KIIS FM radio show last month that he was quitting his new gig on Seven’s Dream Home to focus on his private life.

Struggling with his personal life and backlash from viewers, the star hits a low point. (Image Backgrid)

“This song is also a metaphor for my relationships, that I could have a million dreams if I just took a step back from work,” he laughed.

“And now I’ve realised that there are more important things out there.”


Jackie O chimed in, “Call someone at Seven, Peter. We’re letting them know Chris is resigning because he wants to find love.”

And while he said it in jest, with viewers last week questioning whether he’s a good fit for host of Dream Home – sources say the 45-year-old is indeed feeling a bit lost.

Luckily, he’ll get back to his animals for upcoming series Once In A Lifetime. (Image: Supplied)

“Dr Chris is still cute, but I think he sold out for money to the highest bidder and I miss him on Bondi Vet. He was sooo good with animals,” wrote one.

“I am not taking to Chris as host. His voiceovers sound like he’s reading a children’s book. I think he needs someone to bounce off, like the jungle show. It is just all a bit cringeworthy and awkward in so many ways.”

And if viewers are feeling it, it’s likely so is Dr Chris.


Dream Home is Seven’s biggest new program launch in two years. And Chris is also set to be on screens again soon alongside Sonia Kruger as co-host of Dancing With The Stars, so it’s safe to say he’s never been busier.

But despite finding great success at his new network, a TV insider tells Woman’s Day Chris will never be as passionate about anything as he was about veterinary science.

Dr Chris, looking uncomfortable in a tux, heading on stage
The Dream Home star is happiest with a stethoscope and animals who need him. (Image: MediaMode)

“The issue seems to be that neither of the two primetime slots he’s been matched with – Dream Home and DWTS – have anything to do with who he actually is, which is a loving gorgeous kind caring vet,” says the source.

“He became who he is today by being that bloke everyone loved – The Bondi Vet – and even when he morphed into the hosting role on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! alongside Julia, at least there was a link to animals.

A renovation show wearing hi-vis and hard hats is a long way from his stethoscope and helping pet guinea pigs.”


According to the insider, this just isn’t Chris’ authentic self, which is why viewers are claiming he’s not so comfortable in his work boots. Thankfully, Chris will have the chance to return to his roots for upcoming series Once In A Lifetime.

Dr Chris smiling, holding a small child
Dr Chris would make a great dad. (Image: Supplied)

The show will see him travel the globe for the ultimate animal adventure. But still, there are more troubles on his mind.

Also weighing on Dr Chris is his stubborn single status. Just weeks ago, the star, who was last linked to model Brooke Meredith in 2022, again spoke of his disappointment at not having settled down yet.

“I would still like to have kids – I still feel that’s very much a priority,” he said. “In a perfect world I’d have liked to have had kids, but it’s just not the way it’s worked out.

“I feel that the right girl will be there at the right time… Maybe my biological clock is ticking harder. I don’t know.”

He, of course, also carries the heavy emotional burden of watching his dear mother Anne battle Alzheimer’s. “She’s still here, but the mum I know isn’t any more,” says Chris.

Dr Chris sits with his mother Anne, who is battling alzheimers. They look happy in the country.
His mother Anne was diagnosed 12 years ago. (Image: Supplied)

“It’s a very hard thing to watch someone who means so much to you fade away before your eyes.”

All of this would take a toll on anybody.  “He just seems like he’s not himself,” the insider tells Woman’s Day. “Almost a bit flat.”

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