Cool pets

Ajax is coolest dog in the N.T. He wears doggles and couture bandanas which I create under my K9 Vogue label. He is photographed wherever we go and has a selection of shades as he must wear them because of our constant hot sun. Dee.

This is Bronx, our baby American Staffy. He is now 6 months old and at least 10 times the size! Still gorgeous though! Nicole.

This is a picture of my two Burmese cats Charlie (brown) & Oliver (blue). Charlie is 8 years old and Oliver is about to turn 2. Considering Charlie did not welcome the arrival of Oliver with open arms they certainly look like they love each other now. Melanie.

Here is a photo of our Pug x Shitsu Ruby playing with my daughter Alycia’s discarded old dummy. We think she is just the cutest thing and for a little dog, has a huge personality. The Maxfield Family.

This is our little Oscar. He is such a poser when the camera comes out! Melissa & Rob.

Here is a photo of my big beautiful boy Storm. I hope you enjoy. Laurece Yzelman.

This is a photo of my dog Mack. He is a labrador. Zoe.

This is my 3-year-old Aussie Bulldog, Bilston! Nicole.

This is my dog Zyna who is more than willing to pose for the camera. Christine.


PJ, my best friend. Christine.

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