New family photos prove who Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton’s two daughters resemble most

They definitely inherited their mother's chic fashion sense!
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Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton are one of Australia’s most recognisable TV journalist power-couples.

So it’s not surprising that their two teenage daughters are slowly starting to enter the spotlight as they get older.

Allegra, 15, and Giselle, 13, regularly appear on Jess’ Instagram page, often laughing at her hilarious mum-antics.

On June 27, Giselle and Allegra accompanied Jess to the Sydney premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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On June 27 2022, Allegra and Giselle accompanied Jess to the Sydney premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder – where they proved just how strong the Overton/Rowe genes are!

As they’re growing up, the two are starting to resemble their famous parents more and more.

Allegra shares the same signature blonde locks as her mother, whereas Giselle bears a striking resemblance to Jess when it comes to their high cheekbones.

And the similarities were only made more obvious when Jess shared lookalike snaps from a September 2022 road trip with her girls.

Both girls take after their mum…

(Image: Instagram)

… but Allegra really is the spitting image of Jess!

(Image: Instagram)

The pictures made it clear that both girls really do take after their mum, but a close-up selfie with Allegra proved she’s Jess’ absolute mini-me.

While the teens often look like the perfect combination of both genetically-blessed parents, it’s easy to argue Allegra managed to inherit a few more of Jess’ genes.

Both girls have the same striking blue eyes as their parents, but it’s Allegra who has inherited a similar hooded eye shape as Jess.

Giselle takes after Peter more, with the father-daughter duo sharing similar smiles and eyebrows.

Allegra takes after Jess, while Giselle is Peter’s mini-me.

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However, one thing Allegra and Giselle have unequivocally gotten from Jess is her killer sense of style.

Appearing on the red carpet with their mum in June, Allegra stunned in a black cut-out satin frock featuring diamante detailing, while Giselle opted for a thigh-high split dress and a fur coat.

But most of the time they – like Jess – prefer to get around in something comfy like a loose hoodie.

In February, Jess opened up to Now To Love about learning to “let go” as their daughters get older.

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“Each stage from when they’re born; crawling, taking their first steps, going to day care, going to school, having sleepovers, going to high school, all these things, travelling, leaving home … it’s all this series of letting goes,” Jess said.

“As parents it’s hard to do that, but we want to give them the tools so that they can do that in a and happy and healthy way. That’s very much what I try to do, but none of us are perfect.”

The sisters are sharing the love or should we say clothes.

(Image: Instagram)

In November 2022, Jess shared an adorable snap of the entire family featuring a style steal between the sisters as it’s now Giselle’s turn to don the stunning blue dress.

If you weren’t convinced that Allegra takes after Jess and Giselle is Peter’s mini-me, then this image is all the proof you need!

“My heart if full… #craphousewife #luckyduck,” Jess captioned the photo.

Allegra celebrated her 16th in style!

(Image: Instagram)

After celebrating her sweet 16th in January 2023, it was revealed that Allegra would be following in her famous parents’ footsteps by signing with top modelling agency, Priscilla’s.

Proud mum Jess announced her daughters big news on her Instagram, confirming that Allegra had already posed for her first headshots.

It seems that Allegra has long dreamed of life in the spotlight, previously advertising her skills as an actress on casting website, Backstage.

Jess (pictured) modelled as a teenager for the likes of David Jones.

(Image: Instagram)

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