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Jess Rowe reveals why she loves “getting older” as she rings in her 52nd birthday

''I have more joy to chase.''

By Faye Couros
Television personality Jessica Rowe is celebrating her 52nd birthday!
The mother-of-two posted one of her typically relatable photos on Instagram, showing herself in bed with her cat and a homemade coffee.
In her caption, she took a moment to gush over her milestone and shared why she loves getting older.
"And so this is 52!" she exclaimed before revealing her opinion on the ageing process.
Jess has turned 52 today! (Image: Instagram)
"I love getting older! Why? It beats the alternative," she wrote.
Jess expressed how her life is better in her 50s by adding, "I'm unapologetically myself. And I have more joy to chase."
With her colourful fashion moments and endless outspoken enthusiasm, it's evident that the former Studio 10 presenter is living life authentically and to the fullest.
Her post's comment section rapidly filled up with celebratory messages.
She prefers getting older than worrying about ageing. (Image: Instagram)
Former morning show peer Melissa Doyle commented, "Happy birthday gorgeous!! ❤️," a fan wrote, "This🎂+lotta🍾," and another, "Wishing you the happiest of birthdays❤️❤️❤️."
Fans of Jess know she's always going to find the positive side to life.
But it's a lot deeper than choosing to smile since she has spent "probably half" her life as a mental health advocate.
During a chat with Now To Love, she encouraged parents to be kinder to themselves during the age of pandemics, social media, and "overthinking".
"We think so much about our kids, I reckon we almost overthink." (Image: Instagram)
"We think so much about our kids, I reckon we almost overthink," she said.
"When I compare myself to my parents' generation and my grandparents' generation, we are far more invested in our kids' lives than they ever were, and we turned out fine!"
She also acknowledged that putting yourself first is hard when your children are the priority.
"I'm trying to get better at this, but it's still a struggle for me; I still put myself last," she admitted.
"It's this funny sort of paradigm of 'if the kids are happy, then I'm happy,' but you also need to be looking after yourself because you can lose yourself."
For her, self-care means checking in on her mental health and taking antidepressant medication – plus making time for things she enjoys, like dressing up and reading before bed.
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