Tammin Sursok welcomes a daughter, her second child with husband Sean McEwan

'She's here. And she's perfect,'
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In beautiful baby news, Tammin Sursok has announced that she is a mum again.

The former Home and Away actress took to Instagram to announce that she and husband, Sean McEwan are now parents to a second daughter.

Posting an image stating simply, “She’s here. And she’s perfect,” alongside a love heart emoji, Tammin let the world know that she’s now a mum to two little girls.

Tammin and Sean, an actor/director, who wed in 2011 at a romantic ceremony in Italy, also share four-year-old daughter, Phoenix.

And baby makes four! Tammin and her husband, Sean McEwan also share four-year-old daughter, Phoenix. Image: Instagram/TamminSursok

The news is perhaps even more special due to the fact that Tammin suffered two back-to-back miscarriages before falling pregnant this time.

The Pretty Little Liars star debuted her 21 week bump to her 1.2 million followers last September in a gorgeous beachside picture featuring her daughter, four year-old Phoenix looking adoringly at the sibling in her mum’s tum.

‘After a bumpy, emotional and magical journey we are finally here. We couldn’t feel more grateful. Baby due in January,’ Sursok writes.

Tammin has very publicly struggled with miscarriage, and openly talks about those dark times in a bid to bring light to a very common problem that is often hidden away and not spoken about.

In late 2017, Sursok got personal with her fans, opening up about a ‘painful loss’ she had experienced.

‘It’s been hard for me to be on social media this week. We have been going through something as a family and it’s hard to mask what we are feeling. I always want to be authentic with you,’ she wrote.

‘Last week was the first time I’ve experienced loss. That’s as much as I’m going to say right now but I do want to write about what we have been through at some point to help anyone who is also going through it.

‘You become angry and you don’t know at who to be angry. You realize that your anger just stems from pain. So if you are hurting this holiday season, for any reason, know I’m with you and I see you. And the only way out is through. Together we got this.”

After suffering two-back-to-back miscarriages, Tammin admits she struggled to bond with her baby in the womb. Image: Instagram/TamminSursock.

This Wednesday, Tammin got real about her losses and the impact they had on her bonding with her new baby on Dr Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy podcast.

“I didn’t connect to this baby for so long. I think my husband did too. I was like, ‘Are you connected to this baby?’ And he was like, ‘I’m trying,'” Tammin said.

And then it’s almost like, when the baby turned, I felt like we were communicating. Until she could survive on her own [was] when I started to go, ‘This is real’.”

Despite the trauma of her miscarriages, Tammin remains determined to speak about them and share her story.

‘It took me a long time to share it. But if I can make one person feel less alone… ” she said hopefully.

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Now bub is here, and she’s safe, here’s hoping that Tammin can finally relax and enjoy those newborn snuggles.

Congratulations, we can’t wait to hear more about Tammin’s life as a mum of two.

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