EXCLUSIVE: Red Wiggle Simon Pryce and wife Lauren Hannaford are having a baby BOY

The elated couple can't wait to meet their "very active" little man.
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Red Wiggle Simon Pryce might be used to performing in front of the masses but when it came to the gender reveal for his unborn baby, the 48-year-old and his wife, Lauren Hannaford, wanted an intimate moment to share between just the two of them.

And this week, after months of patiently waiting, Simon and Lauren headed to their favourite bakery in their hometown of Sydney with an envelope containing the gender of their baby, requesting either pink or blue icing be buried inside the sweet treat.

WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: The heartwarming moment Simon Pryce and Lauren Hannaford find out the gender of their child!

“It was quite funny knowing the cupcake lady knew before we did,” Simon laughs.

After falling pregnant with their first child earlier in the year, the pair were quick to start referring to Lauren’s growing bump as a “him” and it turns out, they were bang on the money.

Speaking exclusively with Now To Love, the happy couple have revealed they are expecting a very wriggly baby boy at the start of 2021.

“We sort of always thought we would have a boy first,” an overjoyed Lauren tells us. “He’s a very active little boy,” she adds.

In the touching gender reveal video, which you can watch in the player at the top of this article, Lauren and Simon’s pure joy is etched across their faces as they cut through the cupcake which is encased with blue icing.

“It was just the two of us. We always wanted to just find out ourselves together first,” fitness instructor Lauren explains of the special moment.

Bust out the Blue skivvy because Simon Pryce and Lauren Hannaford are having a baby BOY!

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But the pair were determined to make sure their friends and family were in on the fun, delivering individual cupcakes to their inner circle.

“It was such a lovely moment. We always wanted to have a quiet time together ourselves. But then to be able to do it in a way where everyone else got to experience it was really lovely,” Simon, who recently starred as The Puppet on The Masked Singer, says.

“It was so special,” Lauren reflects.

After getting stuck in Melbourne following an outbreak of COVID-19 on the set of the Masked Singer, the duo were forced to spend two weeks locked down in mandatory quarantine. As a result, Simon was unable to attend Lauren’s 21-week scan.

“I said to the doctor, ‘We are going to find out but please don’t accidentally tell me!’ I want us to do it together. So he wrote it on an envelope and then we kept this envelope for like a month,” the 34-year-old tells us.

“We sort of always thought we would have a boy first,” an overjoyed Lauren tells us.

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For most people, the temptation to have a sneaky glimpse would become too much. But the Wiggles power couple, who married in 2017 after meeting on the set of a Wiggles tour, held strong so they could enjoy the reveal together back home in Sydney.

Now they know they’re having a little boy, they’re focusing on a short-list of potential names.

“I think it used to be a lot easier when it was David, John, Simon! Now, you’ve kind of got to be a little bit more creative,” Simon says.

“Everybody always says, ‘You’ll have the baby and then the name will just come to you.’ I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’re just squished, shrivelled up little things,” the children’s entertainer chuckles.

“We’ve got a list of four with two favourites. But we’re on the same page with it! We both want something simple and nice but a little bit different as well,” Lauren hints.

Simon and Lauren say the moment they found out they were having a little boy was “so special.”

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With their bub’s January 2021 due date fast approaching, behind the scenes Lauren is preparing for the birth of her second “baby” – her online fitness program tailored for pregnant mums, called FHIT by Lauren Hannaford, which is due to launch in the new year to coincide with her baby’s birth.

“I’ve wanted to create workouts that other mums can do during their pregnancy. I’ve set it out into first, second and third trimester. I’ve shot the first and second trimester so I’ve still got the third trimester to go,” she explains.

“When bub is here, I’ll release the work-outs so new mums have a program they can follow from the comfort of their own homes. If you are feeling tired, you can log on, press play and do it at any time that suits you!”

The couple recently went public with their two-year journey to fall pregnant with Lauren discovering she had cysts on her ovaries.

With the government cancelling all elective surgery earlier in the year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren wasn’t able to have them removed.

But miraculously, she fell pregnant naturally.

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Long road to parenthood: It took the Wiggles power couple two years to fall pregnant.

(Image: Instagram)

Their advice for other couples going through the often stressful and heartbreaking fertility battle?

“Just enjoy the time and the journey together in conceiving! Which is a weird thing to say. But with people putting pressure on themselves, it can become such a fixated thing in their relationship. It can be a bit restrictive in a way,” Lauren muses.

“I think it’s easier to say than do but it really is about trying to let go a little bit. We never put a lot of pressure on ourselves [while trying to fall pregnant]. But then there were complications, as soon as we got out of our head that it doesn’t look like we can physically fall pregnant at the moment, we fell pregnant… And you hear that story so many times but that’s literally what happened,” the Red Wiggle says.

As the pair countdown to meeting their son, they can’t wait to hit the road with Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie and his twin daughters in 2021.

“We’re gonna have the Wiggly crèche on the road! It will be lovely to have little children running around, it will be beautiful,” the soon to-be dad says.

A huge congrats to Simon and Lauren!

Fitness instructor Lauren is currently working on a tailored pregnancy program called FHIT by Lauren Hannaford.

(Image: Instagram)

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