Chezzi and Grant Denyer give an exciting update on their third pregnancy following heartbreaking fertility battle

This is one loved little bubba!
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As Chezzi Denyer approaches the half-way mark of her pregnancy, the soon to-be mother-of-three isn’t taking a moment for granted.

On Thursday, night the producer, who shares two daughters, Sailor, eight, and Scout, four, with husband Grant Denyer, took to social media to give fans a touching update from her latest ultrasound.

WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: Chezzi shares a new video from her latest ultrasound

Sharing a video of her adorable bub dancing around in utero, Chezzi admitted seeing her third child on the screen after trying for so long to conceive was a surreal moment.

“Got to see our little growing bubba today.. Shed a few tears of happiness,” she explained.

She continued: “We are just so excited – Such a special time in our house… We’ve waited so long for this moment and we are cherishing every step! And look at that little button nose 😍#19weekspregnant.”

Last month, Chezzi spoke candidly about the couple’s struggles to fall pregnant the third time around.

“I didn’t set out to have such a big gap between Scout and this baby… we tried for over 12months to fall pregnant, and we endured 3 miscarriages throughout that period. It was the first month we stopped trying that we actually fell pregnant this time,” she revealed.

“We are just so excited – Such a special time in our house… We’ve waited so long for this moment and we are cherishing every step!”

(Image: Instagram)

Since announcing her third pregnancy in August, Chezzi has spoken candidly about her battle with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is also known as extreme morning sickness.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a pregnancy complication that can cause severe nausea, vomiting, weight-loss and possible dehydration.

“I’ve had it each pregnancy. With the girls I got bad about 8 weeks… but this time much earlier. Can’t keep food or water down. Profusely vomiting. Severe nausea. Feeling faint and dizzy. Waking through the night to throw up,” Chezzi admitted in a candid Instagram post, alongside a selfie showing her hooked up to a drip, clad in a mask.

Chezzi and Grant fought hard for their third baby.

(Image: Instagram)

Chezzi went on to explain her illness has been so bad, she’s been in bed for over two months.

“I’ve been literally bed ridden for over 8 weeks now suffering from HG… with my respite being thrice weekly trips to my local hospital for fluids and anti-vomit medications,” she said.

“I cannot give enough praise to my local ambulatory care team of nurses and doctors, who have helped get me this far. They’ve become my friends these past few months. They make me smile and laugh when I feel so terrible, and I adore them!”

Despite her illness, most recently the 41-year-old has teamed up with her presenter husband on a no-holds-barred podcast called It’s All True?, which lifts the lids on everything from the surprising way their relationship started, parenting, and all of their career highs and lows.

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