EXCLUSIVE: Sam Wood reveals whether he and wife Snezana are ready for more kids and explains how his family is staying fit and healthy during lockdown

''Never say never!''
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Just four years ago, Sam Wood was waiting nervously outside the Bachelor mansion in Sydney, hoping his dream woman would hop out of a limousine and walk straight into his life.

Luckily for Sam, the first woman he met that evening was the amazing Snezana Markoski. Their connection was undeniable and at the end of the 2015 season of The Bachelor, Sam professed his love to Snez in a heart-stopping finale.

Two years later in 2017, the couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Willow, and in 2018 the genetically blessed pair were married in a stunning Byron Bay ceremony.

Last year, Snezana gave birth to the couple’s second daughter, Charlie, rounding out their family of five – Snez has a teenage daughter Eve from a previous relationship.

One look at the adorable (and hilarious!) photos and videos on both Sam and Snez’s Instagram feeds will tell you life looks pretty hectic for these lovings parents, but would they ever consider adding one more to their growing brood?

“We don’t know actually. It’s a really good question,” Sam told Now To Love, when asked if the couple plan to have more children.

“I don’t know … Charlie [who is 10 months old] literally feels like she’s really grown in the last sort of six weeks and you definitely get a bit clucky. I miss that really little baby that’s really depending on you. There’s something so sweet about it,” he said.

While admitting he and his wife are constantly kept busy with their little ones, he didn’t rule out having another baby.

“We’ve definitely got our hands full, but we’d never say never,” Sam said.

Sam and Snez first got together on The Bachelor in 2015.

(Image: Instagram)

Sam and Snez with their three girls – Eve, Charlie and Willow.

(Image: Instagram)

The Wood family have been entertaining their followers over the past few months during the pandemic with hilarious workout videos and candid family snaps, giving fans an insight into the organised chaos in their household.

While Sam was forced to close his gym due to strict social distancing rules, it hasn’t all been bad news. His online fitness program saw a surge in sign-ups. Plus, Sam says the forced isolation enable him to spend some quality time with his family.

“The absolute silver lining of all this has been getting to spend time with my girls,” Sam said.

The former Bachelor adds that he’s been enjoying “long bike rides with Willow and watching little Charlie, who started walking three weeks ago, practice her steps.

Sam has also been helping Evie with her home schooling but admits “I’m not sure how much of a help we’re being!”

Sam with his daughters Eve, Willow and Charlie.

(Image: Instagram)

Sam has also managed to escape to his office to get some work done.

“Having your own business helps and my office is located quite close to home,” he said.

“With a two-and-a-half-year-old and a 10-month-old, I’m here by myself, so it’s nice to have the quiet.”

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All the Wood girls in bed together!

(Image: Instagram)

Charlie, Eve and Willow. Too cute!

(Image: Instagram)

With lockdown turning our routines upside down and many struggling to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits, Sam has some tips for how to get back on track, as Australia begins to return to normality.

“Even though our normal routines have been upturned, maintain a real food diet with three meals a day and lots of vitamin C rich foods,” Sam explained.

“Just showing a little bit of discipline with the snacking. We tend to snack when we’re bored and incidental activity like walking. Try to get that workout in and maintain some kind of structure with your food and make sure you’re getting lots of nutrients from real goods.”

Sam is an ambassador for health food and supplement brand Melrose Health and says he takes their vitamin C supplement everyday.

“I take the Melrose Essential C + Immunity supplement – a scoop with water every morning. It’s an insurance policy,” he said.

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As for what kind of eating plan he and Snez stick to in order to maintain their enviable figures, Sam says they cook real food from scratch most nights for dinner, avoiding junk food and takeaway.

“We’re one meal for the whole family. It’s a bit different for Charlie as she can only eat particular foods, but we try and create family friendly, healthy foods. We don’t have any extreme dietary requirements,” he said.

“For dinner I’ve been cooking some soup, but Snez cooks most of the time. Snez is a great cook and I try not to tread on her toes because she’s a whiz in the kitchen.

“But it’s a bit of all hands on deck job with the little ones to try and make sure they eat enough and don’t just throw it around!”

A battle we’re know every parent can relate to!

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