Miranda Kerr has given birth to her fourth child

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Exciting news for fans of Australian supermodel and businesswoman Miranda Kerr, as she has announced the arrival of her fourth child! 

Miranda revealed she gave birth to another baby boy, and named him Pierre.

Miranda announced Pierre’s birth via Instagram and Snapchat. (Image: Instagram)

Miranda first teased the news that she was expecting on 2 September via Instagram with the caption, “Sharing some exciting news on Snap today 💛”. This is poetic considering her husband is the founder of Snapchat…

People from all over the world flocked to her Snapchat, refreshing constantly as they held their breath for the exciting news. And then it finally happened. She posted on her Snapchat story with the caption “So excited to announce baby number four!”

Miranda Kerr baby number four announcement on Snapchat.

(Image: Snapchat)

Who is the father of Miranda Kerr’s first baby?

Miranda Kerr was originally married to English actor Orlando Bloom from the famous franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Orlando and Miranda first met at the height of their success, when Bloom was promoting the third Pirates of the Caribbean and Kerr just become a Victoria’s Secret Model in 2007 at a show!

After dating for three years, the two stars got married in 2010, and a year after that… Miranda Kerr’s first and only child with Orlando entered the world! AKA Flynn Bloom, now aged 12 years old.

On why Miranda and Orlando broke up, Kerr told our sister site Woman’s Day, how they “weren’t bringing out the best in each other.”

Back to the present, Miranda now happily co-parents with Orlando and his partner, singer Katy Perry who got engaged in 2019. Telling Something To Talk About Podcast, “I literally say how thankful I am (to have Katy as a co-parent) every day.”

The Blooms are now a blended family, with Orlando having Flynn from Miranda and Daisy Dove Bloom born in August 2020 with Katy.

Miranda Kerr with her first husband Orlando Bloom and first son Flynn Bloom on October 28, 2013 in New York City.

(Image: Getty)

Who is Miranda Kerr’s current partner?

Kerr met her current husband and father of her soon-to-be three children in 2014 at a Louis Vitton event in New York.

The night she met Evan Spiegel, Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief at the time Glenda Bailey predicted they would get married.

Miranda started dating Snapchat founder Evan a year later in 2015 and shortly got married two years later in 2017.

Miranda Kerr supporting her husband Evan Spiegel in the brand’s yellow theme at his Snapchat event.

(Image: Instagram)

How many kids does Miranda Kerr have?

Evan’s first child and Miranda’s second (with Flynn being the first) were born three years after they got married, Hart Spiegel in 2018 who is turning five this year.

Followed by Myles Spiegel a year later in 2019 who is turning four this year.

Miranda Kerr’s three children is soon going to be turned into four…

Miranda Kerr’s youngest born son Myles Spiegel’s first birthday cake.

(Image: Instagram)

What gender is Miranda Kerr’s fourth child?

After Miranda Kerr announced her fourth child on Snapchat, fans didn’t have to wait long to find out the gender.

Drum roll, please…

Posting after, “It’s a boy!”

Using Miranda Kerr’s belly size as a guide, we roughly estimate that she is five months along and will give birth around March at the latest.

Miranda Kerr announced the gender of her fourth child on Snapchat, “it’s a boy.”

(Image: Snapchat)

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