The surprising way Duchess Meghan’s hair has changed throughout her pregnancy

Her hair is full of pregnancy secrets...
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Let’s be honest – if we had a head of hair like Meghan Markle, we wouldn’t be mad about it.

From her signature bun, to her long flowing tresses – the royal’s most common hairstyles are both desirable and hair-spirational.

But there’s something different about 37-year-old’s tresses of late, and it’s all to do with her pregnancy…

Duchess Meghan’s hair is enviable people the world over. (Image: Getty)

You might have noticed Meghan has been wearing her hair up an awful lot lately – and according to renowned celebrity hairstylist Jack Howard, there might actually be a very telling reason for it.

Speaking to Hello!, Howard said Meghan’s hair will feel a lot thicker during her pregnancy.

“Not because you’re growing more but you have more estrogen in your systems so the growing phase is longer, and you shed less,” he said.

Extra estrogen can also result in pregnant women’s hair appearing shinier.

With her hair being rather voluminous to start with, this could explain why the Duchess has been opting to wear her hair up and off her face of late.

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Meghan is fast becoming a pro at perfecting the bun! (Image: Getty)

Howard said this particular period was “fabulous” during pregnancy, but Meghan will need to embrace it as much as possible for now, as it won’t last forever.

“Post breast feeding a lot of women lose the hair again – this is perfectly normal but because you’re not used to it shedding there’s a tendency to worry about hair loss.”

And that’s not the only big change that can occur to hair during pregnancy: “Sometimes curly hair goes straight and vice versa. If you’re taking pre-natal vitamins with iron, your hair can go darker (not a problem for Meghan but a bit scary for blondes!),” Howard said.

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Meghan’s hair isn’t the only thing undergoing a drastic change at the moment – her wardrobe, and the designs and silhouettes she’s been wearing are vastly different to what we’ve seen on the Duchess previously.

In fact, the pregnant royal has even gone so far as to wear a designer she had previously sworn off entirely – Victoria Beckham.

On Christmas Day, Meghan stepped out in a navy design by the former Spice Girl and close friend, which came as a surprise given Markle had previously said she didn’t suit the silhouettes.

“I love Victoria Beckham dresses, but I don’t have the long torso to support that silhouette,” the Duchess previously revealed to Glamour.

Meghan opted to wear a Victoria Beckham dress on Christmas day – a designer she’d previously sworn off. (Image: Getty)

Speaking to Femail, celebrity stylist Lucas Armitag said the surprising designer choice came down to Meghan’s pregnancy: “Obviously pregnancy changes the body vastly and means expectant mothers will reassess what works and what doesn’t. This time VB made the cut.”

She said the knitted style of the dress was perfect for the royal as it will stretch over her tummy, flattering her form.

With Meghan and Harry’s baby due in the British Spring (aka March, April or May), we’ve still got plenty of time to be inspired by the Duchesses glorious maternity fashion – let the left-of-field choices continue!

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