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Why Meghan Markle just wore a designer she'd previously sworn off

Her baby bump is proving to be quite the fashion accessory.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying maternity fashion opens a new window of wardrobe opportunities for mums-to-be, and Meghan Markle is well and truly embracing it.
In fact, the pregnant royal is even opting to wear styles that she'd never been able to before as her baby bump continues to grow - and frankly, we want more.
Meghan is fast becoming a maternity fashion muse. (Image: Getty)
On Christmas Day, Meghan stepped out in a smart navy blue Victoria Beckham dress - the perfect style to compliment her navy reefer coat and hat.
But it wasn't the dress itself that captured our attention, it was the designer herself.
Until recently, it was widely understood that Meghan avoided wearing any Victoria Beckham styles because the silhouettes didn't suit her figure.
In an interview with Glamour before she became a royal, Meghan said: "I love Victoria Beckham dresses, but I don't have the long torso to support that silhouette."
But it seems some very significant recent occurrences in the Duchess's life has changed everything.
WATCH: Duchess Meghan Markle's Best Maternity Fashion Moments. Story continues...
It's to be expected really - since Meghan's pregnancy announcement, royal fans have been hanging out for every nugget of information from the Palace to hear about how she and Harry are making way for their first child.
That's not to mention Meghan's baby bump itself, which has incited a frenzied reaction as people all over the world revel in seeing it grow into the burgeoning bump it is now.
But clearly, none have been more excited about her growing tummy than Meghan herself, who is even opting to wear the designer she had sworn off to dress her bump to perfection.
Celebrity stylist Lucas Armitag told Femail: "Until recently Victoria Beckham was a brand [Meghan] liked the aesthetic of, but she felt she couldn't wear the dresses due to them being cut for taller body shapes with a long torso - something she has said herself she does not possess."
"Obviously pregnancy changes the body vastly and means expectant mothers will reassess what works and what doesn't. This time VB made the cut."
She said the knitted style of the dress was perfect for Meghan as it will stretch over her tummy, flattering her form.
The Victoria Beckham dress looked stunning on the royal. (Image: Getty)
Victoria Beckham is a close friend of Meghan and Harry's, with the clothing designer having attended their wedding back in May.
Going by both Meghan and Victoria's flawless knack for style, it's safe to say these ladies are a match made in fashion heaven!
David and Victoria Beckham attended Meghan and Harry's nuptials back in May. (Image: Getty)
Maternity fashion aside, Meghan's bump itself has also been the talk of the town, with fans even speculating the size of Meghan's baby bump meaning that she is further along her pregnancy than previously thought.
Taking to Twitter, one fan mused: "A lot further on in her pregnancy than it's made out."
While another speculated: "Do you think she's having twins?"
Rumours that the couple might be expecting twins have certainly been rife, especially after delighted fans noticed Meghan's bump grow (and quite frankly, pop) significantly between her appearances in November and December.
At the time of their pregnancy announcement, Kensington Palace confirmed Meghan and Harry were expecting their baby in the British Spring.
In any case, we've still got plenty of time to relish in Meghan's flawless maternity fashion for now - we'll be keeping our eyes peeled!