Laura Byrne just revealed her biggest fear raising two kids and it’s something even non-parents can relate to

''It can leave you feeling like you’re not doing a very good job.''
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If you follow Bachelor couple Matty J and Laura Byrne on Instagram, regardless of whether you’re a parent or everyday fan, you’re probably obsessed with their family of four.

And, if you’re not following them, you really should be.

From hilarious skits to candid clips, the couple are regularly sharing hilariously relatable insights into their seemingly perfect, albeit slightly chaotic life.

They’re the perfect little fam.


While their family life with 15-week-old Lola and one-year-old Marlie-Mae seems like perfect chaos to us, the couple have revealed it can feel like anything but behind the scenes thanks to “comparison culture”.

“We have so much access to other people’s lives. We see so many other people on social media and on TV.

“Sometimes it feels and looks like other parents are just totally killing it; it can leave you feeling like you’re not doing a very good job,” Laura told Stellar.

It’s a notion that doesn’t just affect parents – but everyone.

The family of three is now four with baby Lola.


It’s a trap so, so many parents easily fall into, particularly when struggling at home. However, Laura admits she’s forced to remind herself of the reality all parents are living away from social media.

“It’s all a bit of a roller-coaster and we’re all going to have our ups and downs.

“You realise you don’t have any idea what you’re doing and nobody else does, either. Instead of asking for everyone’s opinion, it’s ‘Oh, we’re all just figuring this out as well.'”

The couple have had a long engagement.


Just months ago the couple welcomed their second child, Lola, and they admitted they’re still adjusting to life with two under two.

Matty and Laura are also currently planning their much-awaited wedding, which had been put on the back burner with the arrival of both their daughter.

Laura recently joked to Who, saying, “No more babies until we get married”.

“We’ve booked in a venue, we’ve done nothing else because being parents to a newborn has kept us super-busy.”

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