Laura Byrne reveals how she juggles two kids and two businesses with her fiancé Matty Johnson

''He's not afraid of changing nappies.''
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Former The Bachelor star Laura Byrne understands how complicated being a working mother can get.

With two daughters under three and two successful businesses, the jewellery designer and podcaster has a lot on her plate.

Speaking to Mamma Mia for the publication’s A Day in the Life series, the mother of Marlie-Mae, two, and five-month-old Lola, revealed how she and fiancé Matty J balance their chaotic life.

Laura, Matt J and their two daughters Marie-Mae (left) and Lola (right).

(Credit: Instagram)

The couple have come so far since meeting on The Bachelor, and they’re one of the show’s biggest success stories. That may have something to do with their collaborative parenting style.

“I guess the big thing for Matt and I is trying to divide and conquer. He’s really hands-on with the kids, which is incredible, and I would say that we parent very, very 50/50,” Laura revealed to the publication.

It seems Matty J is a dream husband-to-be who understands the burden to get household chores done doesn’t just fall to his partner.

“He’s really great with all the house stuff as well, like Matt will cook dinners, and he’s not afraid of changing nappies at all,” shared the Life Uncut co-host.

As for Matt’s cooking chops, Laura let fans know that he is talented in the kitchen and is usually responsible for dinner once their daughters are in bed.

“I would say that we parent very, very 50/50.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“Matt thrives on positive affirmations, so he’s got two meals which are my favourite things in the world, and we currently run them one repeat,” she said.

“So, he makes this awesome prawn pasta – the best thing ever – and then he also makes a chicken pie. We will have at least one of those dishes every week.”

This isn’t the first time Laura and Matt have opened up about parenting challenges.

Matty J revealed to Now To Love how they handled the tumultuous world of sleep training with Marlie-Mae.

Laura and Matty J are the dream team!

(Credit: Instagram)

“The first week is the hardest because as soon as she made a noise, Laura wanted to run in and settle her,” recalled Matt.

“But it was totally worth it. Getting a solid 8 hours is the best gift anyone could give us.”

It appears whatever challenge is thrown at this couple, they’re ready to work together to overcome it.

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