Laura Byrne suffers breastfeeding explosion ten seconds before appearing on live television

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Something tells us that lactating breasts and live TV appearances aren’t exactly what dreams are made of when things don’t go according to plan.

Former Bachelor contestant Laura Byrne can vouch for that after suffering a last-minute breastfeeding mishap just seconds before she had to make a live TV appearance on The Morning Show alongside her fiance, Matty “J” Johnson.

“I did think we were going to have a son.”

(Credit: Instagram)

The always candid reality star took to her Instagram Stories to share the behind-the-scenes reality she faced before stepping in front of the cameras.

The jewellery designer hilariously captioned a video of her frustrated face while holding a milk-zonked Lola.

“Just lactated on myself 10 seconds before a live TV segment. Love that for me,” she sarcastically quipped.

Luckily, everything worked out in the end, and the mother of two managed to quickly clean up her outfit before her TV appearance.

Oh no, oh no, no, no.

(Credit: Instagram)

During their appearance on The Morning Show on Thursday, Laura and Matty spoke to the show’s hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies about gender disappointment.

The couple, who also share 23-month-old daughter Marlie-Mae, welcomed their second daughter Lola in February this year, but they waited until the birth to find out if she was a boy or a girl.

However, the family had been hoping for a boy.

“When we had our second, I did think we were going to have a son,” Matty J explained.

Alas in the end, everything went according to plan.

(Credit: Instagram)

The topic of gender disappointment was one Laura felt passionate about, and she admitted that it’s a conversation she has had with many friends.

“I’ve had many conversations with girlfriends who, when they have found out the gender, it’s taken them a little bit of time to compartmentalise or accept the fact they are not going to be a mum to a boy or a girl,” the Life Uncut podcast host admitted.

She even provided insight into how some people have an identity shift when they find out the gender of their child wasn’t what they were hoping for.

“For some people it’s a real shift in their identity in who they think they are going to be,” she said.

“Guess there’s a part of me that always thought I would have little boys and I have little girls.”

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