Another Bachie baby! Matty J and Laura Byrne welcome their first child – see all the GORGEOUS first pics!

Congratulations cuties!
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In news that will delight Bachie fans everywhere, Matty J and Laura Byrne have just welcomed their first child.

The couple, who met on the hit reality show back in 2017, took to Instagram on Thursday night to share their exciting news.

And if you thought their pregnancy announcement was cute, well this is next level!

The Bachelor lovebirds didn’t want to find out the sex of their first bub until the birth, but now their little one is here, Matty and Laura have revealed that they are the proud new parents to a baby girl!

In a series of pictures posted to his Instagram account, new dad Matty wrote, “Still letting the last 24hrs sink in.. they’ve been the most rewarding, loving and emotional I’ve ever experienced.”

“You did the most incredible job bringing our little girl Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson into the world. Becoming a Dad was better than I ever could have imagined.”

Proud mum Laura was equally delighted sharing: “Welcome to the world you divine little slice of human pudding. Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson (named after our Nana’s) you’re more than we could have ever hoped for ❤️ 19.6.19”.

The name doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as Laura previously revealed her top baby name should they have a girl.

“My favourite, if it’s a girl, I really want to call it Marlie-Mae,” the jewellery designer revealed on podcast Shameless.

“Hopefully I’m going to have a baby before anyone else is listening to this podcast and there’s not like 50 Marley-Maes in the kid’s school.”

And while she and Matty hadn’t landed on a boys’ name, she revealed that Matty was pushing for the name Percy, in honour of his grandfather.

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Congratulations you two!

(Image: Instagram @matthewdavidjohnson)

While some mums-to-be have an easy breezy nine months, we just loved how Laura kept it real when it came to the ups and downs of pregnancy.

From shedding hormonal tears over Married At First Sight to dealing with melasma and stretch marks, the brunette beauty gave us life with her refreshing take on impending motherhood.

“I was one of those annoying peacocky pregnant ladies who said things like “pregnancy is bliss, it’s breezy easy so far” and now I can’t touch my toes, or breathe, and every burp could very well be a surprise spew,” she shared in one Instagram post.

WATCH: Laura Byrne’s pregnancy hormones make her cry over MAFS!. Post continues…

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Matty and Laura shocked everyone with the exciting pregnancy news in December with a beautiful series of photos of the two of them jumping for joy at the beach with a very cute ultrasound pic.

“WE ARE HAVING A BABY🎉 👶🏻 !!!!Old mate @matthewdavidjohnson and I are beyond excited to finally be able to share that I’m cooking an orange sized baby Johnson-Byrne,” Laura captioned the snaps.

“Happy doesn’t even come close ❤️ (Have a look at the last picture – it’s little hand is waving at everyone 😂😍 my heart)”

Meanwhile Matty, who made it no secret that he can’t wait to start a family, also shared three images of the pair to his Instagram along with the caption, “I’m so bad at keeping secrets so I’m EXTREMELY excited to let everyone know, we are having a little baby! @ladyandacat I love you more than words can describe and I can’t wait to start our family together. WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!”

The happy couple shared their exciting pregnancy news in the lead up to Christmas 2018.

(Image: Instagram @ladyandacat)

2019 has already been a big year for Matty and Laura, with the couple surprising everyone with the news that they were engaged.

During their luxury babymoon in Fiji, Matty popped the question to his lady love and luckily for us, the whole thing was caught on camera.

Watch the adorable moment in the player below. Post continues after video…

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“There’s absolutely no one else I’d rather grow old and senile with. I can’t wait to start a family together and now I can’t wait to be your husband! ❤️💍” the groom-to-be captioned his video.

And Laura was clearly over the moon as well, sharing a selfie of herself and her fiance and flashing her bling to the camera.

“You are my favourite everything @matthewdavidjohnson. YES to a lifetime of love and flamboyant dance moves with you my honey 💍❤️”

Now that Baby Byrne-Johnson is here, bring on the wedding and more family photos!

Matty popped the question to Laura in Fiji back in early May.

(Image: Instagram @ladyandacat)

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