Home movies earn family $155k

Home movies earn family $155k

For most people, home movies are nothing more than a way to embarrass your children at their 21st birthday parties — but for one British family, a short clip of their two sons has earned them a cool $155,000.

Howard Davies-Carr uploaded a short clip of his sons Charlie and Harry onto Youtube so the boys’ godfather could view it.

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That clip — entitled ‘Charlie bit my finger — again!’ — has now been viewed more than 387 million times, earning the family a $155,000 share of the advertising profits Youtube made from the clip.

Mr Davies-Carr now posts a new video every six weeks, and is still getting regular income from the video sharing site.

The family has used the money to put their three sons through private school, and to pay for holidays and other luxuries.

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“Nearly all income from YouTube is banked,” Mr Davies-Carr said. “A little is spent on holidays and we bought a castle for the garden.

“We would have struggled to put all three boys through private education but with the YouTube money we decided to commit to all, and it was always going to be all or none.”

Your say: Would you put your home movies online if it could make you money?

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