The cutest photos of Sunrise newsreader Edwina Bartholomew’s adorable newborn baby

She is beyond adorable!
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Just a few days before Christmas last year, Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew welcomed her first child with husband Neil Varcoe, an adorable baby girl.

“Meet Molly Matilda Christie Varcoe. Late like her Mum and tall like her Dad,” Edwina wrote in an Instagram post at the time, announcing her daughter’s arrival into the world.

“Molly ’cause we like it. Matilda for Neil’s Great Grandmother. Christie was my Grandmother’s maiden name and my middle name too,” she added, explaining the significance of the baby name.

“We are exhausted and elated.”

Since then, the 36-year-old newsreader has been treating us to constant updates on Instagram with oodles of gorgeous baby photos, as well as some refreshingly honest insights into just how tough those first few weeks with a newborn baby actually are.

“When people told me parenting was hard, I nodded and smugly thought that 15 years of early mornings and overnight shifts would stand me in good stead. Well, well, well, wasn’t I blissfully naive,” Edwina wrote on Instagram just days after her daughter’s arrival.

“This has been the most challenging, emotional and yet rewarding week,” she said.

We’re certain many parents out there can relate!

She’s growing up so fast! Edwina shared this adorable new pic of Molly to mark her five months. “What a cheery companion you have been over the past few months, singing silly songs with us and dancing little jigs. I hope you never lose that sparkle in your eye or your ability to pull off a hat with ears,” she penned.

(Image: Instagram)

Edwina announced the birth of Molly on Instagram with this beautiful mother-daughter snap.


She’s just divine!


To mark Molly’s one-month birthday, Edwina again took to Instagram to pen another honest post about how she and Neil have been travelling with their new bub.

“One month old today. What a wild ride. You are a delight, Molly Matilda. Sure, the full throttle crying is not so delightful but thankfully that’s pretty rare. You just get hangry like your Dad,” Edwina joked.

“The first 48 hours of motherhood were challenging in a way I wasn’t really prepared for. I was a total mess, actually. I burst into tears in the kitchen when our midwife arrived, I burst into tears when @neilwrites [tagging her husband Neil] went to sleep and I couldn’t, and a few more times, just because.

“Over the past four weeks we have slowly found our groove. You sleep so well and smile so much (or is it wind?) No matter. I suppose both feel pretty good at this early stage.”

Molly pictured when she was just a few days old.


Edwina and Molly pictured on Molly’s one-month birthday.


Molly having some tummy time with her father Neil.


Edwina explained that her goals have completely changed since having a baby.

“Have a shower each day is now number one. Ticked that box,” she said.

“Wash my hair, occasionally. I accept I may never pee with the door closed again and it will be a while before I can eat a plate of food without cutting it up onto small pieces. None of my old clothes fit and, although spirits are high, my boobs are most certainly not.

“In short, it’s been pretty magical. At times I have looked at you with your Dad and felt like I would explode with love. It could still happen. Be warned. I’ll try not to embarrass you when it does.”

She ended the post with: “Don’t grow up too quickly. Your Mum xx”.

Too cute!

“Two months old and holding on for dear life,” Edwina captioned this adorable photo of Molly.

(Image: Instagram)

Molly and Edwina preparing for a live cross to Sunrise.

(Image: Instagram)

In March, Edwina shared her most poignant post yet, to mark Molly turning three months old.

Edwina reflected on the turbulent time Molly happened to be born in and imagined what her future could look like.

“Hands up if you are three months old today? What a time to be born. First the bushfires and now a global pandemic,” Edwina wrote alongside a series of photos of her bub.

She described the joy Molly has given to herself and husband Neil since entering the world, gushing over the little one in the caption.

“Your big blue eyes are wide open to the world. Your face lights up when you hear your dad’s voice. Oh, and you also discovered your hands and feet this month. They are endlessly fascinating,” she added.

“I hope this little face gives you as much delight as it gives us. It’s a great reminder that in super strange times that life trickles on.”

“We can never predict the future, all we can do is protect the present. So I’ll be right here smushing someone’s little cheeks for the foreseeable future.”

“I hope this little face gives you as much delight as it gives us,” Edwina wrote as Molly turned three months old.

(Image: Instagram)

WATCH BELOW: Edwina Bartholomew photobombed by cheeky child during live cross. Story continues after video.

Most recently, Edwina rung in Molly’s milestone five-month anniversary with yet another poignant post.

“Five months old today and about to set off on another small adventure. What a cheery companion you have been over the past few months, singing silly songs with us and dancing little jigs,” she penned.

Adding: “I hope you never lose that sparkle in your eye or your ability to pull off a hat with ears.”

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Edwina and Neil, who is also a journalist, were married in April 2018 in a stunning ceremony at their property near Mudgee in rural NSW.

The coupe said “I do” in front of 160 family and friends at Warramba, the 100-acre farm in the Capertee Valley they purchased in 2016.

The pair also have a home in Sydney’s inner west where they live during the week while Edwina is working at Channel Seven’s studios in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Edwina shared this shot of a peaceful sleeping Molly to mark her first Mother’s Day.

(Image: Instagram)

This family snap of Edwina, Neil and Molly is so precious.

(Image: Instagram)

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