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7 of the best products to help with the unglamorous side of being a new mum

It ain't all pretty!

The few months before a baby is born can be a beautiful and exciting time for new parents. Styling the nursery, throwing a baby shower and buying cute little baby clothes are all a part of the nesting process and sometimes can leave parents looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses.
What expecting mums and dads often forget are all the unglamorous parts of becoming a new parent.
That includes the lack of sleep, the constant mess and all the bodily fluids you have to deal with (not just bub, mums too!)
We have compiled a list of products that will definitely help you feel prepared for the unglamorous bits you're sure to experience when the baby finally comes.
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Nappies are a full time (smelly) job

Ask most newborn mums and they'll tell you, newborns are poop machines and just like death and taxes, you can guarantee that your little one will fill up a silly number of nappies.
On average, newborns need their nappies changing up to 12 times a day. That's 84 nappies a week or over 4000 nappies in a year!
Finding a way to dispose of the nappies (and their smell) should be high on the list of parenting preparation tasks.
The Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Disposal System can hold up to 28 nappies which means less trips for you. The handy twist and wrap function also blocks odours leaving your nursery smelling fresh as a daisy.
Nappies and their smell can get in the bin ... literally! (Image: Tommee Tippee)
In the first couple of months it's likely that your baby will get sick. It's just a part of the parenting journey and wiping their cute little noses may just not be enough to clear the way.
Unlike us, babies do not know how to blow their nose so it's our job to give them a hand or a suck. We know ... ew!
Understandably this sounds a little gross but clearing your baby's airways may give you a bit more piece of mind than you think. These snot suckers are great for making sure your baby can breathe with ease.
Dealing with bub's snotty nose is definitely on the list of unglamorous parenting tasks! (Image: Snotty Noses)
Yes, your baby will be leaving hospital in a nappy, but odds are that you will be too.
Mums have to go through a lot physically to bring a child into the world so it's good to be prepared for the aftermath which will include bleeding (even for caesarean births), a lot of bleeding.
Maternity pads are designed to give you comfort in the days and weeks after giving birth and are an absolute essential to pack in any hospital bag.
Maternity pads, like Tom Organic Maternity Pads are a sensible investment. (Image: Tom Organic)
As you might expect, there's a lot of healing to be done for mums after delivering a baby.
After birth 'perineal' spray is there to help you heal 'down there' when you need it the most – after birth. This is a true saviour for mums who have a natural birth to help keep things clean and on the right track to a full recovery.
Super handy to pack in your hospital bag alongside your maternity pads.
Products like Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray are the kind of thing you might not think to pack in your hospital bag. (Image: Earth Mama)
Learning how to breastfeed doesn't always come easily and can take a lot of practice and assistance.
It can also wreak havoc on your nipples. And nipple pain is definitely one of the less glamorous sides of new motherhood.
Nipple shields are used to help mothers with flatter nipples get their babies to latch on properly. They are also a great way to save your nipples from getting dry and cracked which is not ideal.
Investing in some nipple shields will help protect you from unglamorous nipple issues when breastfeeding. (Image: Ameda)
Sure, baby's butts are adorable, but they aren't always smooth and clear.
Nappy rash can be extremely unsettling to your little one.
In extreme cases if left untreated, nappy rash can spread into an even bigger rash. Nappy cream or ointment is a great solution to help sooth their little behinds and comes in super handy sizes to bring on the go for quick changes.
Baby bums are cute, but not always pretty. (Image: Bepanthen)
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