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The hilarious moment cheeky child flips the bird at Edwina Bartholomew during live cross on Sunrise

“What a little rotter!”
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As the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child looms, reporters from all over the world have made the trip to Windsor, England to eagerly await news of Baby Sussex’s arrival.

And on Monday morning, Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew got more than she bargained for during a live cross from Windsor.

The 35-year-old was feeding back updates to the Sydney studio but was oblivious when a cheeky child flipped her the bird as the car he was travelling in drove behind her and into view of the cameras.

It wasn’t until later that Edwina noticed the mischievous youngster’s photobombing antics, and laughed as Sunrise played the footage back in slow motion.

You can watch the hilarious moment in the player above!

That’s cheeky! While Edwina dutifully provided Royal Baby updates, a child sneakily gave the Sunrise reporter the middle finge salute. (Image: Channel Seven)

“Speaking of bad parenting, what about that little kid that pulled up behind me before,” she laughed

In mock outrage, she added: “What a little rotter! Stuck up his little middle finger!”

As her colleagues David “Kochie” Koch and Samantha Armytage could be heard in fits of laughter, Edwina continued: “There you go! The mean streets of Windsor on the middle of a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Wait ’til I get my hands on him!”

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The countdown is on for Baby Sussex‘s impending arrival, with Meghan expected to give birth within the next 48 hours.

Her expected due date – in late April, early May – has now passed, with the Mail On Sunday reporting that 37-year-old former Suits star is likely to be induced.

With bookmakers also officially suspending any bets pertaining to the child’s birth, all signs are pointing to the royal baby being born within the next few days.

Not long now! Edwina is in the UK to keep Australians updated as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare to welcome their first child. (Image: Getty Images)

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