After 20 years and two kids together, Dylan Lewis and wife Hollie prove that love at first sight is real

It's the kind of romance you only see in the movies.
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He’s best known as an Australian TV and radio host, but when he’s at home Dylan Lewis’ most important titles are “husband” and “dad”.

In fact, his life as a family man is so important to Dylan that he made sure to keep it front and centre when he entered the jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here this month.

After jumping out of a plane and plummeting to the earth, the first words out of the proud dad’s mouth were: “Love you kids! Love you Hollie! Dad’s alright.”

WATCH: Dylan Lewis’ cute shout-out to his family on I’m A Celeb…

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The Nova radio veteran is coming up on his 20th wedding anniversary with wife Hollie, who gave him two gorgeous children; Rose and Jethro.

And like many a great couple, the story of how they met sounds like something straight out of a movie.

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How did Dylan Lewis meet his wife?

Dylan and Hollie met at one of his gigs back in the ’90s.

(Image: Instagram)

It all started back in the 1990s, when muso Dylan was playing a show here in Australia and some mutual friends invited Hollie along to see him perform.

He spotted her in the crowd and, like something out of a teenage daydream, it was love at first sight.

“When I saw her… I couldn’t see anyone else in the room. Hollie was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen,” Dylan told New Idea in 2019.

“At the time, I said to myself and my bandmates: ‘That lady will be my wife and the mother of my children one day’.”

And would you believe it, Dylan was right!

How did Dylan Lewis ask his wife to marry him?

Hollie gave Dylan two gorgeous kids, Rose and Jethro.

(Image: Instagram)

Romance blossomed and before Hollie knew it, her muso boyfriend was ready to become her muso fiancé.

Dylan first popped the question during a holiday in Paris, where he offered Hollie a “temporary” ring and the promise that they would one day tie the knot.

For a while they kept their plans a secret, Dylan explaining “we didn’t tell anyone we were engaged back then, because we were so young and we didn’t want anyone to judge us.”

The couple stayed that way for a few years before deciding to make things even more official by getting engaged for a second time.

Dylan bought a diamond ring, asked Hollie to marry him (again) and they finally let everyone know.

When did Dylan Lewis and his wife get married?

The couple got engaged TWICE before they actually tied the knot in 2002.

(Image: Instagram)

The couple wed on a rainy day in 2002 at Hollie’s mother’s house, but even the unexpected weather couldn’t dampen their love.

“It was just beautiful. Hollie looked like an angelic mermaid,” Dylan told New Idea.

“I started crying and didn’t stop. All of the photos from our wedding look like I’m sad, even though I was the happiest I’ve ever been.”

And by the looks of things, Dylan is just as happy almost two decades later as he and Hollie gear up to mark 20 years of marriage.

In fact, the pair even renewed their vows in 2013 on a romantic trip to Fiji.

Does Dylan Lewis have kids?

Dylan is the ultimate family man and loves giving shout-outs to his kids.

(Image: Instagram)

The happy couple became proud parents when they welcomed daughter Rose, then added son Jethro to the family.

While the kids tend to steer clear of the spotlight, Dylan shares regular family snaps on Instagram, as well as special messages on their birthdays.

He’s also been known to organise coordinated Halloween costumes for the whole family, but that should come as no surprise given his eccentric personality.

Dylan first rose to fame in the 90s, then won Celebrity Big Brother in 2002 and worked as a presenter for Nova for well over a decade before moving to ABC.

But by the looks of things, Rose and Jethro don’t let their dad’s impressive showbiz CV go to his head!

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