Bindi Irwin catches Grace’s touching moment with Steve Irwin on video 15 years after his death

''Grace’s favourite part? Visiting Grandpa Crocodile.''
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Bindi Irwin has captured the emotional moment her baby daughter Grace recognised the late Steve Irwin on a sign at Australia Zoo.

In footage captured on their daily walk around the zoo, Grace can be seen pointing to a small sign before walking closer.

“Can you see him? Is he over here?” Bindi calls to her daughter from behind the camera.

Grace immediately recognised the image of Steve Irwin.

(Image: Instagram)

Grace then approaches the sign, which shows a photo of her late grandfather Steve Irwin, and babbles to it quietly.

“Yeah! Grandpa Crocodile and he’s in his construction hat,” Bindi tells her as Grace waves to the picture.

Sharing the bittersweet video to Instagram, the 24-year-old mum wrote: “We have a little construction going on to make our Tasmanian devil habitat @australiazoo even more beautiful.

“Grace’s favourite part? Visiting Grandpa Crocodile. All the love.”

Her husband and Grace’s dad Chandler Powell commented: “Her little wave gets me every time.”

After welcoming Grace in 2021, the couple have gone to great lengths to make sure Bindi’s late dad Steve is a big part of her childhood.

The famous Crocodile Hunter was killed in 2006 after an accidental stingray attack on the Great Barrier Reef, meaning Grace never had the chance to meet him.

Bindi was just eight at the time but has made sure to honour her dad in every part of her life, including her role as a mum to Grace.

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She regularly shares stories and memories of “Grandpa Crocodile”, as the family sweetly call him, with Grace and shows her photos of Steve when he was alive.

“We have so many documentaries of dad, and we’re always playing them for Grace,” Bindi told People in May 2022.

“It’s so fun to watch her study him. I didn’t realise how much dad’s passion for life and his animated facial expressions – I mean, they captivate her.”

Fans have even noticed that Grace takes after her late grandfather, though the resemblance is subtle.

Chandler and Bindi keep Steve’s memory alive for their daughter.

(Image: Instagram)

Bindi herself even joked that Steve would have adored his granddaughter – to the point that she and Chandler would probably never see her!

“I’m excited to see as she grows up how her personality will develop. If dad was around, honestly, we would never see her. He would be so in love,” she mused to People.

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