Barack Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha is all grown up in stunning new prom pictures

The former First Daughter has grown up to be a mirror of her stunning mum.
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When Barack Obama became president of the United States, his daughters Malia and Sasha were just kids.

But now, the stunning sisters (who might well have the world’s most inspiring parents) are all grown up, and the latest set of photos have proved it.

In an unexpected emergence, new pictures of Sasha, who is now 17, surfaced of her attending the school prom over the weekend, and it would be safe to say the internet is gobsmacked.

Indeed the beautiful teen looked stunning in a dark dress with her hair worn straight and out. Standing next to her ball partner, she looked absolutely stunning!

The pictures surfaced after a Twitter user posted them, claiming to be Sasha’s date’s cousin.

“When your lil cousin take Sasha Obama to prom” – the Tweet read.

It was deleted shortly after, but not before others had captured the pictures and re-posted them.

Sasha is all grown up!


Meanwhile, in other pictures, Malia and Michelle are also seen celebrating Sasha’s exciting occasion.

The former FLOTUS is seen in one picture posing alongside friends, with one person pointing out what looks like a secret service agent in the background!

Someone pointed out another important guest in the background of Michelle’s picture.


In another picture, Malia was seen smiling alongside her sister.


Prom night is a milestone event on the calendars of American teens, with the evening being held towards the end of the school year.

Sasha, who will graduate from school next month was rumoured to be heading to the University of Michigan next, according to Page Six. However nothing has yet been confirmed.

Malia, who now attends Havard University, took a gap year after High School before starting college.

In 2017, Barack admitted that he was tearful when he dropped his daughter off at college, so we can only imagine the same will be said for Sasha!

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The former First Family have captured hearts across the globe for their wholesome and inspiring image.

Writing a new memoir Becoming, which was released in 2018, Michelle opened up about her family like never before, even discussing Malia’s prom night which gives us some great insight as to what Sasha’s more recent one was like!

“We took what was perhaps unfair comfort in the knowledge that Malia’s security detail would basically ride the boy’s bumper all the way to the restaurant where they were going for dinner before the dance and would remain on quiet duty throughout the night,” she wrote.

We hope things were dialled down a little for Sasha, but safety always comes first!

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